Sciatica: Symptoms and Treatment

In this article we look at the symptoms and treatment of sciatica.Inflammation of the sciatic nerve (sciatica) may suddenly arise even among people who consider themselves healthy.The sciatic nerve - the longest in the human body.It begins in the lumbar region, passes through the coccyx, pelvis and back surface of both lower limbs, comes to feet.Therefore, pain and impaired sensitivity sciatica affects not only the lumbar region, but also extends to the leg in the course of the nerve.

inflammation itself is not a separate disease, and is usually a manifestation of other diseases.


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The main feature of this condition is a pain in the sciatic nerve.Typically, it is localized to one side of the body, and on the other side

felt numb the art, which is periodically replaced tingling.But it happens that in the process involves both feet simultaneously.

intensity of pain symptoms can be different.In the beginning, they are mild inflammation, worse during exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing.As the violation of discomfort growing, constantly present, is particularly intense at night.The patient may wake up attacks.In severe cases, the patient can not move because of the severe pain.

When symptoms should contact a neurologist.The doctor will conduct a general inspection.When sciatica may be a decrease in the mobility of the joints of the feet or knees, weakened or abnormal neurological reflexes, increased pain when you try to raise a straight leg upward.

help confirm the diagnosis and biochemical blood tests, x-rays, performed in different projections in standing and lying, magnetic resonance imaging.Sometimes you may need additional visits another specialist - a rheumatologist, a vascular surgeon, vertebrologist.

complex procedures chosen different for each patient, depending on the specific symptoms and severity of the condition.It includes:

to prevent inflammation of the sciatic nerve is necessary to pay attention to maintaining toned muscles.It is engaged in strengthening exercises and monitor the correct posture.When sedentary work regularly take breaks and warm-up.

necessary to avoid injury, do not lift weights and prevent hypothermia.You also need time to consult specialists for the treatment of pathologies that cause sciatica.