Andropause (male menopause): causes, symptoms, adjustment

word "menopause" has become commonplace: a period of extinction and termination of a woman's reproductive abilities and the menstrual cycle.

learn how to run age-related changes in men is much less known.However, male menopause, aka andropause phenomenon as normal.As a rule, the first changes occur in the male aged 50+, although possibly earlier.

What is the essence of andropause?Primarily, characterized by the decrease in the level of the body of the male sex hormone testosterone.This is due to both decreased libido, and many other changes in the body.Often the process is erased, almost imperceptibly, much more quietly than the fairer sex.However, some specificity of this period, something similar to the female menopause.


  • 1 causes of andropause
  • 2 physical and physiological symptoms
  • 3 Easing the flow and treatment of andropause
  • 4 Andropause and family

Andropause (male menopause): causes, symptoms, adjustment Firstsymptoms slightly, almost imperceptibly to most men, some of them imperceptible and his partner.Let them call!

Among the changes in the sexual life include:

frequent and physical changes in the body:

should pay attention to the possible mental and mental changes, behavioral change:

Andropause (male menopause): causes, symptoms, adjustment No one is experiencing all the symptoms simultaneously. But seeing at least 4-5 of the above long list, should think about their health and seek medical advice: urologist, andrologist, a psychologist for mitigation of identified phenomena and their maximum correction.

Do not deny the possibility of the emergence of any changes in the body, as well as go to the other extreme: to constantly monitor themselves, not whether there were "alarm bells".The connection between the unusual phenomena arising and age is able to adequately assess only the physician and pessimism can be one of the factors that caused the apparent problem can turn into real ones.

Andropause - does not a disease, but a natural part of life.Monitor their health need, but make a tragedy out of every small change in the body, really not worth it.

Andropause (male menopause): causes, symptoms, adjustment Women menopause, tend to be more compressed time-bound, andropause in men stretched out for a long time, so changes in the body are growing gradually, sometimes imperceptible to humans.That does not stop in time to start taking care of her soft flowing.

be engaged in prevention of age-related changes is long before they occur.

First, loading themselves physical and mental work: some testosterone thus expended, sexual activity becomes less pronounced.The loving man in middle age (after 35 years), the greater his desire to set aside the case to another novel twist, the harder it will occur later he andropause both the physical and the psychological level.People with medium and low levels of testosterone aging is much easier, longer and invisible.Make it a rule of morning exercises (with weights, dumbbells, elastic bandage and other projectiles), jogging, hiking on weekends, swimming in the pool.Get to know foreign languages, to delve into the trends of their profession or study adjacent, think and formulate their opinions in various areas of public life. loads itself!

Andropause (male menopause): causes, symptoms, adjustment age, try not to reduce or significantly reduce both mental and physical stress (in the end, the level of testosterone in the blood decreases by only 0.7 - 1% per year, it is not much!).Down Lift: up the stairs to the third floor it gives a person no less than a ten minute walk.Limit your time sitting watching television: even playing "Tetris" on the computer gives you more to maintain the brain in a state of activity.Try to plan for yourself something long-term and translate ideas into action, this allows to support the nervous system in good condition (do yoga, to write a book to learn how to design home appliances, make computer telephone directory, to start and train a dog and so on.).Own lazy to overcome.If you know that it will help you to stay longer young and healthy, what more motivation is needed?

Do not try to prove to all that you have "hoo!"Calmly accept the fact that the hair thinned and turned gray, you can not go on the hiking trail all day without a break, the girls pay attention to other men.There is nothing funnier, if you look the part than an aging man with dyed hair, trying to come first in the ski race and did not succeed in this.Think of yourself as what you are: no one said that the gray-haired gentleman elegant less charm than the bustling sweaty ladies man.

Andropause (male menopause): causes, symptoms, adjustment

Do not make a drama out of what erectile function or libido decreased.Your partner much more needs tenderness, lasting affection than rough intercourse (it, too, is not getting younger!).The experience of male experience is much more important for full sexual intercourse than active youngster assaults.Age is not a hindrance experiments, your sex life can always diversify.Use Viagra, even if the doctor decides.To some it is not harmful, if not abused, and for hypertensive or core can become fatal very first tablet.Selection of individual means of improving sexual function, it is better to entrust the specialist urologist or andrologist.

Review your diet.With age, the body's metabolism becomes less intense, so it is best to reduce the carbohydrate content of the diet.Beer 1-2 times a week is enough, with sweet wines go best on dry, high-calorie drink hard liquor sparingly.Avoid food pizza and cheeseburgers, useful substances in them is small, but very high calorie.But eaten the apple and allow to saturate the body in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and strengthen the muscles of the face, preventing the sagging of the skin and development of wrinkles.Tomato - a faithful friend male, excellent means of prevention of prostatitis!By lunchtime, be sure to add salad or pickled vegetables, dressed not with mayonnaise and vegetable oil, vinegar, lemon.This avoids slackness bowel age, body force spending more calories for digestion and hence prevent deposition of excess zhirka.

A little less salt to food, try to eat vegetables without salt: it will return to you children's sense of natural flavor products.We do not live in a period of famine, do not try to eat more bread or potatoes, you would be enough for one slice of black or whole wheat bread and potato - twice a week.

Fats can not particularly limited, they are less harmful than carbohydrates.Better if it will be natural products: butter, lard, rich soup with a good piece of meat, fish soup with "medals" to the surface than products: sausages, canned meats and so on. Cooking on an open fire barbecues much more useful sausages, bakedBird and tasty, and useful deep fried.

The earlier you optimize physical and mental load, to adjust the diet, especially of late, and will be less noticeable andropause.

Another important point.After 50 years of age must be surveyed at the urologist, check the condition of his prostate.Starting prostatitis and can really slow down the running has to operate.Your task - to reduce the risk.

Andropause (male menopause): causes, symptoms, adjustment Most mothers and grandmothers your wives lost their husbands at a relatively young age, so women, andropause about knowing very, very little, misinterpreted the changes in your body that occur with age.

Quite often, a woman suspected of reducing interest to her opponent - and is jealous.You the man, gently explain to her that she was still attractive to you, just need to learn how to build relationships in a different way.

Specific age andropause irritability, temper tantrums, forgetfulness can be mitigated by receiving prescribed by a physician or other herbal preparations.Do not give up on them, do not force family members to suffer.

Try not to react to unusual situations at once, do not require that teenage daughter has ceased to be painted, and the son a haircut as you like.Different generations - different tastes.Go to school and see the look of your children the same age, and then make informed decisions.

family must also provide men with andropause some support, helping to cope with the situation.It is much more correct to persuade her husband to see a doctor, to go with a family counselor, easy to talk to a man than to believe that he was the despot, screamer, and it is time to file for divorce.

Typically, andropause in males occurs at the same time (or later) with menopause in women.Therefore, doctors disapprove of marriages with much younger partners, or partners.

helping each other, supporting, and not confined to himself, a husband and wife make a marriage is even stronger, and together go through life on.

On this delicate issue men said the program "Living healthy¬Ľ:

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