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Inguinal Hernia - Symptoms and Treatment

In order to understand what constitutes an inguinal hernia, you need to understand the concept of "hernia."Hernia - a protrusion of an organ or part of the skin, in the intermuscular space or some cavity through various openings.Hernias of the abdomen - the most common type of hernia, in which the through holes, called hernial, go under the skin of the abdominal organs.The peritoneum, which is a wrapper for the abdominal organs, forms the so-called hernial sac.

Inguinal hernia - a fairly common disease in which the protrusion portion of the peritoneum in the inguinal canal.According to statistics, men inguinal hernia is produced 10 times more often than women, due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the groin area in men.However, cases of the formation of inguinal hernia in women are not so rare.Typically, the disease occurs in women who have given birth several times.The appearance of a hernia can cause obesity, chronic cough, constipation, pregnancy, excessive exercise sharp.


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Clinical symptoms of the diseaseIt depends on the size of the hernia and what kind of authority in it.

typical sign of an inguinal hernia - the appearance of a rounded protrusion in the groin area that resembles the tumor.This education increases somewhat straining or coughing.It often happens that the protrusion does not cause the patient little or no inconvenience, and so he does not pay any attention to the hernia.

Pain in the lower abdomen and groin, extending to the lumbar region and sacrum clearly manifested during exercise - a sign, it is typical for this type of hernia.When a long-term groin hernia or large sizes pain is permanent.In women, while in the hernial sac ovary and fallopian tube may increase the pain during menstruation.In addition, the hernia can cause inconvenience in walking.

Another symptom is often accompanied by the disease is chronic constipation, bloating sometimes joins.It occurs when the hernial sac in the cecum.

This state is caused by the sudden compression of the contents of the hernia sac in the hernial ring.There are two mechanisms of infringement:

Elastic mechanism - suddenly hit a large number of internal abdominal hernia sac through the narrow hernial.This can happen when a sharp increase in intra-abdominal pressure (eg during heavy physical exertion).

fecal infringement arises as a result of the overflow contents bowel loops, which is located in the hernial sac.

infringement of inguinal hernia appears sharp severe pain in the abdomen.Flexing that previously could effortlessly right becomes nevpravimym and tense.Often this state is accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting and constipation.

infringement If you need an emergency hernia surgery.

Treatment of the disease can only be operative.No medications or other conservative treatments are not able to eliminate hernial protrusion and the hernial ring.If you suspect an inguinal hernia should consult a doctor, who, in the case of confirmation of the diagnosis is likely to recommend elective surgery.Strangulated hernia should not be allowed, as a result, it can develop serious complications.

During the operation, a surgeon opens the hernial sac, reduce a internal organs in the abdominal cavity and sutured hernial.In most cases, small amounts of hernia surgery is performed using local anesthesia.If hernial protrusion large or developed hernia incarceration applied conduction anesthesia (epidural (epidural), spinal) or general anesthesia.

Usually, this operation is well tolerated, the next day after that, they are allowed to get up and walk.In the absence of complications in the postoperative period produced an extract from a hospital for 3-4 days after surgery.However, patients who had undergone surgery for an inguinal hernia, you must remember that physical activity should be excluded for at least 2 months afterwards.

appearance of inguinal hernia can be prevented.For this it is necessary to strengthen the abdominal wall and to avoid extreme physical activity.

necessary to regular exercise, aimed at training the abdominal muscles.It is necessary to avoid conditions that can lead to a sharp increase in intra-abdominal pressure (constipation, cough).Pregnant women are advised to wear a special bandage, and after giving birth to do gymnastics.Fighting Obesity also plays a big role in the prevention of occurrence of inguinal hernias.

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