Trigeminal neuralgia - symptoms, treatment

Trigeminal neuralgia (trigeminal neuralgia) - a chronic disease that affects the trigeminal nerve, manifested by intense paroxysmal pain in the zones of innervation of the trigeminal nerve branches.


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Causes of trigeminal neuralgia the most diverse:

disease usually manifests itself inpeople older than 40 years, and often this disease affects women.

main symptom of trigeminal neuralgia is pain.The pain is often unilateral (rarely affects both halves of the face), severe, very intense, unbearable, the nature of pain shooting.Often patients compared with its electric discharge.Duration of attack is usually 10-15 seconds, but sometimes it can be up to 2 minutes.Between attacks always have a refractory period.For a long time (many years) localization of pain and its direction (from one side to another entity flows) unchanged.During the attack can begin uncontrolled tearing and excessive salivation.

In most cases, patients are allocated a certain trigger zones - areas of the face or mouth, which occurs during stimulation of pain attack.Often the occurrence of an attack is preceded by a so-called trigger factor - act or condition that causes pain (eg, talking, yawning, grooming, chewing).The pain is almost never appears during the night.At the height of the paroxysm, many patients can be seen twitching of facial muscles or chewing.During the attack for patients characterized by specific behavior: they are trying to carry out a minimum of movement and silent (no screaming or crying).

neuralgia threefold nerve Due to the fact that all patients suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, used for chewing only half healthy mouth, on the opposite side of the seal formed muscle.With long-term course of the disease may develop degenerative changes in the masticatory muscles, and reducing the sensitivity of the affected side of the face.

treatment of trigeminal neuralgia is aimed at reducing the intensity of pain.

main drug used to treat this disease is carbamazepine, its dosage is chosen only by a physician individually for each patient.Usually 2-3 days after starting treatment, patients reported the preparation of its analgesic effect, its duration is 3-4 hours.The dose of carbamazepine, upon receipt of which patients can safely talk and chew, should remain unchanged for a month, after which it is necessary to gradually reduce.Treatment with this drug can last as long as the patient does not note the absence of seizures for six months.

Physiotherapy treatments also help to alleviate the suffering of patients.Of those applied phonophoresis with hydrocortisone, dynamic currents, galvanization with novocaine or amidopirinom.

Vitamin therapy is one of the most important places in the treatment and prevention of trigeminal neuralgia.Especially useful B vitamins in the acute stage of illness vitamin preparations are administered by injection, often combining with ascorbic acid.

Unfortunately, in 30% of cases, drug therapy is not effective, and then the patients operative treatment neuralgia.There are several ways of surgical treatment, and the physician selects the most appropriate for each patient.

Percutaneous operations can be performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and recommended for patients with early-stage disease.During the procedure performed trigeminal nerve destruction by radio waves or chemicals conducted to nerve injury via a catheter.The reduction or disappearance of pain after the operation may not happen immediately, but after a few days or months.

in inpatient operations are carried out aimed at decompression of the nerve in which the adjusted position of the arteries, squeezing him in the skull.

Today, the most effective and safe way to treat trigeminal neuralgia is the method of RF ablation trigeminal nerve root.The main advantage of this method is that the size of the zone and nerve wracking time effects can be objectively monitored.Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia, thus ensuring a short and easy recovery period for patients.

treatment of trigeminal neuralgia folk remedies permitted, however, in most cases it turns out to be ineffective, and patients have to seek help from a neurologist.

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