Concussion Symptoms and Treatment

Concussion - this is the most mild form of traumatic brain injury is often accompanied by a brief loss of consciousness.The causes tremors may be traffic accidents, sports, household, industrial and criminal injury.This type of traumatic brain injury is never accompanied by organic changes in the brain.


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There are several types of concussion:

Usually concussion diagnosis is not difficult neurologist.History and examination of the data is sufficient to assume a given state of the patient.However, if you shake the brain is recommended to undergo an examination to rule out more serious head injuries.

X-ray of the skull and cervical spine is necessary in order to rule out fractures and fractures of the skull bones, and the displacement and fractures of the cervical vertebrae.

Electroencephalography - a method of research, which allows to identify the most minor dysfunction of the cerebral cortex.

In severe cases may need to computed tomography, with which you can identify almost any abnormalities in brain structure.

each victim, regardless of the expected severity of the disease, should be sent to hospital for further diagnosis and exclusion of more serious brain injury.

In the acute period of trauma patients should be treated in the neurosurgical department.Patients showed strict bed rest for 5 days, which was subsequently extended depending on the clinical course of the disease.When the efficiency of prescribed therapy, and no complications discharge from hospital possible 7-10 days after injury.Next, the patient should undergo outpatient treatment for 2 weeks.

Drug therapy for concussion to normalize brain function and removal of symptoms (headache, dizziness, insomnia).Typically prescribed painkillers (analgin, Baralgin, Pentalgin et al.), Antiemetics (Reglan), sedatives (motherwort, Corvalol, Phenazepam et al.)

addition to symptomatic treatment is usually assigned therapy aimed at restoring damaged brain functions and preventioncomplications.The purpose of such treatment is possible not earlier than 5-7 days after injury.Patients are encouraged to welcome nootropic (nootropics Piracetam) and vasotropic (Cavinton, Teonikol) drugs.They have a beneficial effect on cerebral blood flow and improves brain activity.Their method is shown for a few months after discharge from the hospital.

also shows patients receiving vitamin and tonic preparations (Eleutherococcus extract, ginseng root, lemongrass).

predict and prevent concussion is almost impossible, but if you follow some of the recommendations can reduce the chance of injury.

should remember that lesson traumatic sports (boxing, hockey, soccer, etc.) Increase the probability of receiving a head injury.

When roller skating, skateboarding, riding protection must be the head - the helmet with a special tab.Choose the size and the helmet must be properly used.

During the drive you need to wear a seat belt all the passengers in his cabin.Children should be transported in special restraints (autocradle, car seat).After drinking alcohol, taking certain drugs that affect the rate of reaction and concentration, you should not get behind the wheel of the car.

The number of people seeking medical care as a result of head injuries, increases sharply in the winter, when the probability of falling on slippery streets.We recommend the use of special anti-slip devices for footwear, and the elderly - the use of a cane with a sharp tip.

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