Chronic fatigue syndrome - Treatment

term "chronic fatigue syndrome" in medicine appeared relatively recently, but every year is registered more cases of this condition in people, particularly in developed countries.To date, this problem has become global.This is due to the modern rhythm of life in big cities, overly emotional and mental stress, as well as the deteriorating environmental conditions.Statistics show that women are more susceptible to this disease than men.

disease should not be confused with a simple fatigue, which is a natural reaction to fatigue and indicating that the person needs a rest.Chronic fatigue syndrome - is unfounded, pronounced, debilitating body fatigue that does not go after the rest, and does not allow a person to live in a normal rhythm.


  • 1 typical risk factors for developing the disease
  • 2 Symptoms
    • 2.1 main symptoms
    • 2.2 Small signs
  • 3 Treatment

diagnose this condition is very difficult, as the chronic fatigue syndrome is masked by other diseases.Therefore, doctors belie

ve that the basis for the formulation of such a diagnosis is a combination of two main and eight so-called small symptoms.

Diagnosis of the disease is very complex.Often the disease is initially taken as any kind of mental disorder, but the treatment did not produce any results, and the patient's condition is getting worse.

usually the main diagnostic feature of the disease is a constant feeling of fatigue lasting more than six months, arising on a background of normal health.

disease is often preceded by stressful experiences of the person, or the unusual situation that requires great effort from him.Symptoms of this condition are not immediate.Most often, patients initially worried about influenza-like state, reflected in the rise in temperature, the appearance of sore throat, headache, swollen lymph nodes possible.Then, very quickly joined by general muscle weakness, joint pain, and after exercise, patients complain of exhaustion.Restoring normal state of health does not occur even after the daily recreation.Sleep disorders, intelligence and memory, depression, and sometimes altered states of consciousness also indicated that developed chronic fatigue syndrome.

Despite the fact that the study of the problems of medicine around the world has been doing for more than a decade, much success in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome doctors had not been achieved.

treatment of this condition should be complex and lengthy.The main directions in therapy:

Despite the fact that the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is extremely difficult, and even the most experienced doctors sometimes can not make a correct diagnosis right away, with the appearance of anxiety symptoms should see a doctor.The disease should be treated, as it can lead to serious neuropsychiatric diseases.

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