How to treat ringworm?

Ringworm - the same "beech", which scare mom young fans of stray animals.And for good reason: there, where the cat get away with a pair of broken hairs, one could part with luxurious hair.Forever?Of course not!But the treatment will not be soon.This article will talk about how to treat ringworm, depending on the affected area, which tools to use for treatment.


  • 1 If the focus is on a smooth skin,
  • 2 If microsporia affects vellus hair or scalp,
  • 3 When selecting antifungals for systemic effects

RingwormShingles, or, in medical terms, microsporia, is a fungal infection of the skin and hair.It is transmitted by contact from infected animals, most kittens or sick people, and is very contagious.The name
disease was due to the special shape of the lesions: appear on the scalp clearly defined rounded propleshinki hair who are not completely absent, as it were broken or sostrizheny at about polusantimetra from the surface.If foci appear on the smooth skin, they are also clearly limite
d, reddish at the center and raised on the roller circumference.If the center involved vellus hair, they, too, break off, and in their place are formed nodules.
to suspect microsporia, dermatologist enough to inspect the affected area in the lamplight Wood - he will see typical greenish glow.And be able to confirm the diagnosis of microscopic examination and culture of skin flakes and hair on a medium - in three days, you can determine the growth of colonies of fluffy mikrosporum.

it is isolated, does not pull the hair, it can be treated only locally.

Traditionally combine liquid antifungal agents and medicines ointment base.

the local treatment combined with taking antifungal drugs inside.

Local treatment in this case is not fundamentally different: tincture of iodine combined with fungicidal ointments.However, before treatment hair should be removed.


After the treatment, the patient is kept under observation for another three months, and only after this period, with negative results when viewed with a fluorescent lamp and cultural studies, considered fully recovered.

Transfer Elena Malysheva "Living Health": Microsporia.Ringworm, How bald?How not to get infected microsporia and how to get rid of it?

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