Psoriasis treatment at home

Psoriasis - a chronic relapsing disease, manifested by a rash, which has the form of spots and peeling.May be followed by the defeat of the joints, bones, muscles, lymph nodes, kidney, and is associated with neurological changes.In this article we will talk about signs, symptoms, and give advice on the treatment of psoriasis, we also recommend to read the reviews and drugs for the treatment of nail psoriasis and scalp (one of the most common forms of the disease).Treatment of the disease in children is also devoted a separate article.


  • 1 Causes and Symptoms
  • 2 Prevention
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causes of the disease are not fully understood.A role in causing the disease are paying emotional stress and hereditary factors, so the psoriasis is not dangerous for humans in contact with the patient.

In the course of the disease have identified a number of successive stages: the progression of the disease, the stationary phase and the regression of the disease.The disease occurs in the form of

outbreaks.Each flash is characterized by the passage of these stages.

Disease begins acutely with the appearance of small spots of bright - red color that grow on the periphery and reach the size of a coin, merge together to form plaques.Favourite localization of the disease, scalp, elbows, knees and front of the leg.The appearance of these symptoms does not bother the patient.Only 30% of patients there is itching and sometimes a feeling of tightening of the skin.After a certain period of time in the center of the spots appear silvery - white fluffy flakes.Between the edge and the center spot is visible bezel - an area through which the stain increases in size.

The stationary stage of the disease stops the growth of spots, they have a bluish tint, no new lesions appear, scales completely cover all the spots.

During regression of the disease spots are deposited to the level of the skin, pale, reduces the number of sunspots and scales.After the resolution of lesions are pigmented spots on the elbows and knees on duty plaques that do not pass the treatment.

hallmarks of the disease is psoriatic triad:

When the first symptoms that resemble the clinical picture should immediately consult a doctor - dermatologist.He will deliver a final diagnosis on the basis of existing symptoms.

profilaktirovat the disease is difficult, you can only advise people who have a genetic predisposition to avoid nervous strain, as often it is a trigger in the development of the disease.Also, if all the recommendations of the expert can significantly push back the occurrence of relapse.It is very important supportive therapy drugs, the schemes developed for each patient individually.

To date, developed a variety of drugs and treatments for psoriasis.But some drugs difficult to cope with psoriasis, so its treatment should be multidimensional and multidirectional.And it must be in compliance with the correct mode, constant skin care in the use of diet does not lead to allergy in the general treatment and application of external preparations, and also include elements of physical therapy and health - spa treatment.

As is known, the skin is exposed to a patient with psoriasis and inflammatory reactions of the action of various damaging agents.

To achieve a stable remission of the disease should stop smoking, sleep on the linen only from natural fabrics in winter wear woollens only on top of cotton, carefully wash the new items before using a short cut nails, a categorical refusal by the consumption of alcoholic beverages,including beer;Avoid injury to the skin, visiting the baths and saunas;and be sure to avoid the emotional turmoil.

Also, patients with psoriasis should avoid contact with various household allergens: washing powders, dishwashing.But if the patient all of them - still using, you should wear rubber gloves when handling them.

the treatment of this disease should be guided by the following principles:

for external therapy used:

If you use only external therapy for the treatment of the disease is not enough.It uses a variety of hormonal drugs for systemic effects.These drugs are in any case can not be used alone.

For skin care, you can use a variety of cosmetic skin care products.You can use the bath, the most famous Cleopatra bath: 2 cups brewed oatmeal, mixed with one liter of milk and a glass of olive oil and add the bath.Such procedures can be performed 1 time per week.

In any case, in the event of symptoms of the disease, regardless of the severity of first treatment and selection of further treatment is carried out in a hospital.

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