Causes of Psoriasis

Approximately 2% of the world population suffer from psoriasis.The cause of psoriasis today remains unclear.None of the hypotheses has become generally accepted.Considerable importance is attached to hereditary factors.Caused by a genetic predisposition, psoriasis occurs in the vast majority of patients.And it manifests itself in adolescence and young age, if the psoriasis is not burdened by heredity, then it is characterized by the beginning of a more mature age.

Scientific research in recent years shows that the causes for the development of several diseases.In most cases, what - that one reason hard to find.Even people with a genetic predisposition for a long time can not be a rash on the skin.

There are several factors contributing to the development of psoriasis:

In the past, a large number of illnesses linked to malnutrition.However, scientific evidence of the impact of malnutrition on the development of psoriasis is not.

Depending on the severity of the inflammatory process, localizatio

n of lesions, severity of the patient identify several clinical forms of psoriasis:

psoriasis vulgaris - often develop on the extensor surfaces of the knees, psoriatic patches covered with silvery - white scales.

pericardial - spots cover extensor surfaces of elbows, knees.In this form a crust on the surface of the spots have a yellowish color.

inverse - rashes are located in major natural folds of the body, and often appears in the presence of concomitant endocrine diseases (diabetes, obesity, thyroid dysfunction).

Pustular can be advanced or just with the defeat of the palms and soles.Widespread pustular psoriasis occurs with severe general condition, fever.Onset island, reddish skin background or old plaques pustules appear, their appearance is accompanied by burning and soreness.New bubbles appear immediately, but in the form of outbreaks.Often these centers increase in size and exfoliate the skin over them.

Limited pustular psoriasis is more common and is characterized by the formation of pustules on the changed background of palms and soles.This form occurs more easily, but hard enough and often repeated.

Seborrheic psoriasis patients develop seborrhea.In this form flakes glued sebum, whereby they are fixed to the skin surface, have a yellowish tint.Eruptions are not inflamed, often resemble spots.Classical psoriatic triad may not be detected.

Psoriasis of palms and soles .Characteristic of individual physical labor.At the same time affects the palms and soles.

Nail Psoriasis .In this form of nail plate thickening, deformed, their surface is not smooth, resembles the beak of a bird of prey.Psoriasis manifests point depressions on the surface of the nail plate.

erythrodermic psoriasis .It refers to severe psoriasis.Develops under gradual progression process and fusion plaques before psoriasis will not cover the entire surface of the body.It is characterized by redness, swelling, and peeling of the seal.Often accompanied by itching.The general condition is deteriorating.

artropaticheskom .Along with the typical skin rash observed damage of the joints, often the small joints of the hands and feet, sometimes larger.Psoriatic arthritis is characterized by tenderness, swelling, limited mobility of the joints.

Guttate psoriasis .This form is characterized by the appearance of small, droplet-like rash.Favourite localization are the trunk and legs.Over time, these spots merge and covered with plaques.

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