Arthritis of the shoulder joint: Symptoms and Treatment

Arthritis called inflammation in the joint.It can be caused by infection, the effects of trauma, autoimmune systemic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, gout, systemic lupus erythematosus), allergic reaction, hypothermia, degenerative processes (arthrosis).Most often, this pathology occurs in people older than 50 years with weakened immune systems, severe somatic diseases (diabetes, etc.).In childhood, often found reactive arthritis.It is caused by the transferred intestinal or respiratory infection.Perhaps struck by any one joint or two joints.


  • 1 Signs of arthritis
  • 2 Treatment
  • 3 complications of arthritis of the shoulder joint

the diagnosis of arthritis need to learn and reason, and the changes that have developed in the joint andperiarticular soft tissues.X-ray of the shoulder joint is needed for bone disease, is sometimes required computed tomography (layered images in multiple planes).In order to visualize the soft tissues, including ligaments, bursae, periarticular and int

ra-articular tendon synovitis, ultrasound should be joint or magnetic resonance imaging.Doctor prescribes blood tests, sometimes examines the contents of the joint cavity, obtained by puncture it.

therapy in each case is individual, depends on the type of arthritis, its severity and other factors.There are three stages of treatment:

When purulent inflammation of the shoulder joint surgery is necessary: ​​opening the joint, its sanitation, drainage.Conservative treatment includes several methods that complement each other:

When even minor signs of pathology of the shoulder joint do not expect that they will pass with time, do not self-medicate, consult a specialist.

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