Xanthelasma century: what it is, the cause of the

With age, some people in the age of small spots appear yellowish.This is nothing like xanthelasma century, in most cases, evidence of violations by lipid metabolism and liver function.


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Most often it is small, towering above the skin surface rather flatEducation yellow («xanthos» - golden yellow, «elasma» - plate).Xanthelasma may be single or multiple.The favorite location - on the skin of age in the inner corner of the eye.These education, as a rule, do not hurt, do not itch and does not degenerate into a malignant tumor.

Causes xanthelasma at the moment is not fully understood.It is believed that these plaques are a variety of yellow and xanthomas occur in violation of cholesterol metaboli

sm.It is noticed that most xanthelasma century occur in people suffering from obesity, pancreatitis, diabetes, liver disease and in cases of high cholesterol in the blood.In some cases a manifestation xanthelasma xanthomatosis which may have a hereditary nature.

Over time xanthelasma may gradually increase in size.

In case of xanthelasma advisable to consult an endocrinologist, a dermatologist and pass appropriate tests characterizing lipid metabolism.

main questions that the physician is looking for answers during the examination of the patient:

Next, the doctor will prescribe an appropriate examination, treatment and give advice on lifestyle.

Since xanthelasma is the deposition of cholesterol in the skin and in most cases is accompanied by lipid disorders, the dietary recommendations are similar to those for atherosclerosis:

also better than parting with a cigarette, do not abuse alcohol (including low-alcohol)not to take toxic substances that deplete the liver.

During the day, try to move as much as possible every day to do exercises or jogging.As shown by numerous studies, exercise combined with proper diet contribute to the normalization of lipid metabolism in the body, which means that new xanthelasma or do not appear or only in small quantities.

main treatment is directed to a disease caused by a metabolic disorder and the emergence xanthelasma and metabolism correction.

Local treatment consists in removing xanthelasma by laser, liquid nitrogen, electrocautery or conventional surgically.

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