Vitiligo: Causes and Treatment

Vitiligo (Pes) - a violation of skin pigmentation, which is associated with the disappearance of the pigment melanin in some areas of the skin.In this article we will discuss the causes and treatment of vitiligo.


  • 1 Causes
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  • 3 Diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo

disease occurs with equal frequency in men and women of any age.Causes and mechanisms of its not fully understood, but it is known that vitiligo is not transmitted from sick people healthy.

The disease is usually chronic.The disease often begins for no apparent reason with the appearance of small spots on the skin of various shapes pink or milky white with clear boundaries.These spots gradually increase in size, they tend to fuse with each other.

Lesions may be single or multiple, and are located on any parts of the skin, but most often in open areas (face, neck, upper and lower limbs).

distinctive feature of vitiligo is no peeling and atrophy in the affected areas of the skin.Vitiligo never

develop on the soles, palms and mucous membranes.

The most common foci are arranged symmetrically, but sometimes there are one-sided defeat.In the spots change hair color, pale, sweating and disturbed sensitivity of the skin to irritants.Vitiligo is often accompanied by a solar dermatitis.Patients are advised to limit exposure to the sun, since tanned skin pigmentation areas stand out even more.

most severe of vitiligo is a universal skin lesions, in which it all becomes depigmented.With the progression of the disease appear in the depigmented areas where the skin is under pressure, friction, or there has been a violation of the integrity of the skin.

vitiligo patients do not notice any subjective sensations.Anxiety causes only a cosmetic defect, especially in the localization of spots on exposed skin.Perhaps the traceless disappearance of spontaneous individual spots.

Diagnosis of the disease is usually straightforward because the Vitiligo is a very specific symptoms.

To date, specific drugs for the treatment of vitiligo is not developed.However, be aware that this disease is often a consequence of any wrongdoing in the body, and treatment of conditions that caused the occurrence of vitiligo, can completely relieve the patient of his symptoms.

method photochemotherapy (FHT) or PUVA therapy
There are drugs that increase the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet (beroksan, ammifurin, Melagenin, psoralen), which are available in tablet form for oral administration, ointments and solutions for rubbing alcohol in the pockets of depigmentation.To obtain the effect of these agents combined with irradiation of the skin with ultraviolet light.It is proved that the most effective has long-wave UV radiation.

Treatment involves a lot of courses conducted at short intervals to achieve maximum effect.

PUVA therapy has a number of contraindications: pregnancy, cancer, increased sensitivity to radiation, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary and blood forming systems, and up to age 5 and older than 60 years.

combination of receiving photosensitizing drugs with effects on the affected skin rays helium-neon laser also helps in the treatment of vitiligo.Laser therapy has several advantages over the method of photochemotherapy.High efficiency, shortening of treatment, no adverse effects, contraindications fewer make this method is most preferable in the treatment of this disease.

effectiveness of treatment usually increases when incorporated into therapy drugs containing copper and ascorbic acid.In most patients, the positive outcomes achieved by the appointment of course taking corticosteroids.Also in the complex therapy of vitiligo it is recommended to include immunomodulators (Immunal, echinacea tincture).

abroad become increasingly popular surgical method of treatment of vitiligo, in which the transplantation of donor skin areas that are pre-prepared PUVA method.

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