What can I eat after appendectomy

remained behind the pain, nausea and the threat of rupture of the appendix.The operation went well, appendix removed in a surgical incision imposed cosmetic seams.And now, for many the most important question is: what can be eaten after suffering appendicitis?


  • 1 first day after surgery
  • 2 second, third day
  • 3 first week after surgery
  • 4 After the first week

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Appendicitis - inflammation of the appendix is ​​the rectum, which occurs in several stages and can result in rupture of the appendix with subsequent inflammation throughout the peritoneum.In order to avoid such complications often excised appendix - operate so called appendectomy.

During surgery to remove the appendix violated the integrity of the intestinal wall, in connection with which the surgeon places intestinal sutures.If immediately after the surgery to begin to eat normal food, the probability of these differences is very large joints, which entails getting

all of intestinal contents into the abdominal cavity and the development of peritonitis.Therefore, the question that may be eaten in the first hours after the operation, is very relevant.

Typically, this period of recovery after suffering anesthesia.There is almost not want to.The intestine is under stress and he needs time to recover a little bit and come down.

Typically, the first 12 hours after surgery is only recommended to wet his lips with water, or after consultation with the doctor to drink it in small sips.Depending on the specific situation for the first day the doctor can allow clear liquids (low-fat chicken broth, rice water, sweet tea, sweet fruit jelly).

basic principle of power after an appendicitis - split meals small meals 5-6 times a day.Excluded are all products that can cause flatulence (milk, legumes, foods with lots of fat) and enhance intestinal inflammation in the joints (fried foods, spices, sour, spicy, too salty, alcohol, etc.).Food should be the consistency of jelly or sauce, made in the form of heat.

most frequently during this period surgeons recommend the following products:

In some cases, the attending physician may recommend a small amount of food containing fat (eg, boiled carrots, baked apple and other similar products)

To normalize the stool after the first three days of the dietYou can expand a little and add the following foods that contain fiber:


basic principle of supply after the first 3 days - chew up the pasty consistency, it should not be too dry.All meals are taken in small portions (eg, every 2-3 hours).

At this stage, you need to remember about the use of adequate amounts of fluid, as its deficiency can also cause discomfort.If there are no contraindications from the heart, it can take up to 8-10 glasses per day, with two-thirds of this amount should be plain water.Drinking water for 30-40 minutes before meals or 1-1.5 hours later.

meaning of diet at this stage - to create favorable conditions for wound healing and normalization of bowel motility.

During this period of time is also undesirable to use products that have been banned in the first 3 days (spices, fatty foods, legumes, etc.).

From the first dishes can be without any zazharki soups, the vegetable or chicken broth: carrots, onions, potatoes, beets, zucchini, - before the meal preferably all pass through a blender.

Main dishes: mushrooms, beets, omelets with the addition of fish or vegetables, casseroles, pasta, cereal with water or with a slight addition of butter.All used without mayonnaise, ketchup.Mustard, horseradish and similar condiments.

Bean products can be administered to a month after undergoing surgery.Sweets, cakes and pastries recommended for use after the complete healing of surgical wounds, and ideally - not before and one month after the removal of the appendix (complete healing occurs within 3-4 months).

diet after appendectomy better within three weeks, and then move to the usual diet in the event that the attending physician does not recommend anything else.