Diverticula of the colon

diverticula - a Bursiform blindly ending protrusion of all or any of the individual layers of the walls of hollow organs.One of their favorite locations is the colon.


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theory in the colon diverticula can formin all its areas, but over 75% of them are found in parts of the left (especially in the sigmoid colon).Probably and total defeat of the entire colon.The diverticula are single and multiple.Their dimensions are often up to several centimeters.

incidence of this disease does not depend on sex of patients.It rapidly increases after 40 years.So, if before the age of colonic diverticular disease is diagnosed in 10% of patients in the 85 years it is present in 65% of patients.He is more exposed to urban residents, and well-developed industrial states.

Doctors and academics are still trying to establish the exact causes of colonic diverticula.It is known that they are formed in a "weak" areas of the inte

stinal wall, where there razvoloknenie muscle layer, atrophic processes, disorders of the blood supply.The prerequisites for their appearance consider:

in cavities diverticula accumulated stool, they form dense clumps (especially in a weakened motor function of the colon).They can damage the delicate mucous.When you join an infection develops inflammation - diverticulitis.Inflammation of the walls of a diverticulum is easily injured, which can cause other complications.

The origin of diverticula can be:

Depending on the structure, they are divided into:

presence of diverticula is considered the basis for the diagnosis of diverticular disease of the colon.It has three forms:

Many patients with diverticula in the colon, are not even aware of their existence.After all, they are absolutely 3/4 patients did not manifest itself, as a random "surprise" for the patient and his doctor during the examination.

other patients with uncomplicated variant of the disease concerned:

of complications requires immediate intervention of doctors, many of them are treated only by surgery.Their development may indicate the emergence of:

To detect colonic diverticular disease and its complications, the doctor may recommend the following diagnostic procedures:

If there are no symptoms in patients with the disease, the medical recommendations are limited to advice about nutrition.The shortfall in fiber and fluids is necessary to prevent possible complications of diverticular disease.Such patients should be:

Treatment of patients with symptoms of the disease, in addition to diet therapy includes conservative and surgical methods.

Non-surgical treatment may consist of:

without surgical intervention is indispensable for patients with:

In addition, it may be necessary in patients with:

During the operation, surgeons remove the affected bowel segment.Depending on the situation the receiving end of cross-linked immediately or after some time (for that then need another operation).

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