Treating nail fungus at home

Fungus afraid - do not go to the pool.And in the bath, on the beach, in the shower room of the gym ... Fungal infections are very common around the world, according to statistics onychomycosis (fungal nail infections) occur almost every 10th adult, and among those over 70 - atevery second.
What is a fungal infection than to treat it, and why in the home, cover in this article.


  • 1 How do you get infected?
  • 2 How does onychomycosis?
  • 3 So is it worth to treat nail fungus?
  • 4 treatment of onychomycosis
  • 5 How is the local treatment?
  • 6 Prevention

Infected with fungus is very simple.All the rooms where warm and humid - an ideal environment for their existence.With the skin of the wearer fungus hits the tiled pool - and perfect lives and breeds, and to pick it, simply walk barefoot from the locker room to the rim.Shoes, socks, towel patient can also carry infection.

However, once the skin, the fungus becomes a pathogen not always right.Dermatologists can not even set a date a

bout the incubation period - it can be indefinitely.Reduced immunity, for example, after a cold, vitamin deficiency, uncomfortable, rub the corn shoes may start a process that will result in the transformation of the fungus from saprophyte (harmless roommate) in the causative agent.

more prone to onychomycosis people who have the background of the disease:

more common fungal infection of nails feet, especially the 1st and 5th fingers.Initial changes usually occur at the free edge of the nail plate.Exception - candidiasis nail infection in this case extends from the nail ridges and the edge of the nail remains uncontaminated.Suffer from candidiasis often fingernails.
Initially, nail color changes, it becomes grayish, whitish or yellowish, loses luster, crumbles.In the future, the lesion may extend to the entire nail, the nail thickens in some, such as bird's claw (onihogrifoz), others, on the contrary, atrophies and moves away from the nail bed (onycholysis).However, neither pain nor itch patients with mycosis of nails does not feel.

Indeed, this disease can not die, it does not cause physical pain, and, in fact, is an aesthetic problem.

Here are some reasons to answer: "Yes."

doctors believe that will effect local treatment only, provided that not more than three affected nail, no more than one third.In other cases, therapy should be combined - ie, in addition to local treatment, are appointed by prolonged courses of antifungal drugs inside.This can be:

I must say at once that these drugs are contraindicated for pregnant or lactating, those with liver and kidney disease, and people with impaired peripheral circulation.

Therefore patients

blur nail iodine, garlic, tea tree oil and other loved ones means according to some estimates the effect - in 3-8% of cases.So you can try - not likely to be worse, but modern drugs are effective about 10 times.

Avoid contact with the fungus is unlikely, but they can not get sick.To do this:

Nail Fungus - the disease is not messy, and Neat.Get it easily, and to treat long and difficult, but possible.The right decision - for suspected fungal infection consult a dermatologist.Microscopic examination of the nail plate allows accurate diagnosis and to select the optimal combination of products for general and local impact.

And then you can be treated at home.

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