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Scarlet fever in adults: Symptoms and Treatment

Many believe only children scarlet fever infectious disease, but it is not so.Adults, especially immunocompromised, in contact with a sick child can become infected with scarlet fever.More on "children's" illnesses in adults can be found in this article.In such cases, the disease usually occurs in the erased form, but there are also cases of severe illness, especially in late or incorrect treatment.

pathogen in adults, of course, the same as that of the children under the streptococci (S. Pyogenes).Scarlet fever is transmitted by airborne droplets, the infection occurs during prolonged close contact with a carrier of infection.It is also considered possible contact-household way of infection (at the hands of poor handling and household items) and even nutritional (in the use of food contaminated with bacteria).


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clinical picture of scarlet fever in adults and children is virtually identical.

incubation period of the disease can vary from 1 to 10 days.The disease often begins acutely with sudden sharp rise in body temperature (up to 40-41 C), the appearance of pronounced intoxication syndrome (weakness, headache, nausea, vomiting).Also, there is a marked tachycardia (as a response of the organism to increased body temperature) may occur abdominal pain.Sometimes early in the disease may be low-grade fever and a slight indisposition.

characteristic feature of scarlet fever - the emergence of pain in the throat when swallowing.On examination revealed marked hyperemia (redness) of the throat, tonsils, soft palate, pharynx.In the tonsils may appear white-gray patina.Language in the early days of the disease is covered with a grayish bloom for 4-5 days is its cleaning, it acquires a bright crimson color, hypertrophied papillae look - this is one of the symptoms, allowing diagnosis of scarlet fever in adults.

appearance of the above symptoms are often regarded by adults as a bad cold or a sore throat, scarlet fever but there is still a number of characteristic symptoms suggestive of the disease.

scarlet fever simultaneously with the appearance of hyperemia throat develops regional lymphadenitis, and observed the seal perednesheynyh painful lymph nodes.

1-2 days after onset of illness, typical of scarlet fever skin rashes, this symptom also often helps to establish the correct diagnosis in adults.Rashes first appear on the face and neck (space nasolabial triangle remains clean), and then spread to the extremities, especially the elbow and popliteal fossa, and lateral surface of the trunk.When erased form of the disease in adults rashes may be pale, the slim or virtually absent or may disappear after a few hours of onset.

3-5 days the symptoms of scarlet fever are beginning to wane, the temperature drops, the rash resolved, throat congestion is reduced, but there are still pain when swallowing.About a week begins peeling of the skin in places where there were skin rashes.

Ekstrabukalnaya form.It occurs very rarely in contact with the pathogen into the body through broken skin (wounds, burns, erosion occurred on the background of streptococcal).Typical symptoms of this form of the disease is its acute onset after a very short incubation period, the spread of the rash starts on the place of introduction of the infectious agent, the absence of lesions of the oropharynx and regional lymphadenitis.

erased form.It is this form of the disease occurs in adults more often.Present the main symptoms of scarlet fever, but the intoxication syndrome is weak, rash persist for long, they pale throat is defeated catarrhal character.

Severe (septic).This form of the disease also occurs in adults, children rarely occurs.Symptoms of the disease in this case is increasing rapidly, quickly can join symptoms of heart failure.Skin rashes take the form punctate hemorrhages.In the absence of adequate treatment can quickly join complications: kidney disease, joints, necrotizing tonsillitis, sepsis, and others.

Treating mild form of scarlet fever in adults is carried out in the home district doctor.Patients with moderate and severe infections, especially those living together with children under the age of 10 years, without a history of scarlet fever, are admitted to the hospital.With proper timely treatment favorable prognosis, even with severe disease.

outpatient treatment the patient is isolated for 10 days (from the moment the first signs of the disease), it is assigned to bed rest, stands separate utensils and towels.Plenty of warm (not hot!) Drinking is necessary to reduce intoxication.When expressed pain on swallowing food better for chopping, only take in the form of heat.It should also be removed from the diet of patients with acute, salty foods and other foods that can irritate or injure the inflamed mucosa of the oropharynx.

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