Rozsa: classification and clinical manifestations

Rozsa - an acute infectious disease caused by group A streptococcus, which is characterized by skin lesions and the presence of a pronounced intoxication syndrome.

modern classification divides the diagnosis of erysipelas on the following parameters:


  • 1 by the multiplicity of flow
  • 2 By the nature of the local manifestations
  • 3 As the prevalence of local lesions
  • 4 severity
  • 5 Features diseases

most frequent place of localization of erysipelas are the skin of the lower limbs, a little less foci appear on the face and upper limbs, in some cases, they can be seen on the skin of the trunk.

Children suffer from infrequent and mild.

Elderly primary and re-transferred face hard enough, with fever up to 1 month and the aggravation of comorbidities.Local manifestations they also regress slowly.