Contact dermatitis: treatment, diagnosis and prevention

term "contact dermatitis" is a collective for acute or chronic dermatological diseases resulting from direct exposure to irritating chemicals on human skin.In fact, contact dermatitis is a delayed-type hypersensitivity.Predisposition to allergies everyone lies at the genetic level.This is confirmed by the fact that many people suffer from contact dermatitis, in the family there is a history of the disease.


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There are several types of the disease:

skin reactions can occur in response tothe effect of any substance.The development of the disease plays a decisive role not the nature of the stimulus, and individual sensitivity to each person.

substances most likely to cause contact dermatitis:

This kind of dermatitis is developed exclusively on areas of skin exposed to the allergen.The first symptoms may appear some time after skin contact with an irritant, even a few days af

ter the contact was terminated.

To contact dermatitis characterized by the following symptoms:

Treatment of the disease should begin with the exception of skin contact with the allergen, perhaps forever.If the development of contact dermatitis due to the professional activity of the patient, it must be the constant use of protective equipment (gloves, masks, protective clothing).

Patients who identified an allergic reaction to nickel, recommended diet, limiting foods that contain this substance (oats, buckwheat, millet, soybeans, lentils, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, chocolate, cocoa).

Patients recommended for a few days to take antihistamines.It is advisable to use a new generation of allergy medications that have fewer side effects (Zyrtec, Zodak, Aerius).

When the inflammatory process in the affected areas of skin patients received topical application of ointments, creams or lotions containing corticosteroids (Advantan, Lokoid, Elidel).Hormonal ointments are applied on clean skin 1-2 times a day with a thin layer.The duration of treatment generally does not exceed 2 weeks.

With extensive lesions, and severe reaction to contact with an allergen, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroid drugs for oral administration.

bubbles formed on the exposed area of ​​skin should not be open, because at this point may develop infectious process, which requires a more serious treatment.

treatment of contact dermatitis folk remedies acceptable, but before you start you need to consult a doctor.Many recipes of traditional medicine include substances which in turn may be potential allergens.

Prevention of the disease is only in the elimination of skin contact with substances that cause an allergic reaction.In case of accidental contact with skin irritant known immediately rinse thoroughly with running water and soap.

When allergy to household chemicals (detergents, cleaning products for the home) should use special hypoallergenic means, but even when they are used, it is desirable to use protective gloves.

clothes, especially underwear, should be chosen from natural materials.It is recommended to give preference to jewelry made of precious metals (gold and silver).About

contact dermatitis in the "Live healthy!»:

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