Overview for the treatment of hemorrhoids at home

Unfortunately, hemorrhoids - a fairly common problem among men and women, often with this unpleasant disease, many women are facing for the first time during pregnancy.Starting treatment of hemorrhoids should be the appearance of the first signs of it, as the initial stage of the disease is always much easier to treat.


  • 1 candles and ointments for hemorrhoids
    • 1.1 Candles and ointment Relief
    • 1.2 Candles and ointment Proktozan
    • 1.3 Candles Natalsid
    • 1.4 Candles and ointmentGepatrombin F
  • 2 System drugs used for the treatment of hemorrhoids
  • 3 Laxatives hemorrhoids

currently offers a very wide range of drugs to treat this unpleasant disease.The most common local media, presented in the form of ointments and suppositories, very often one drug produced in the two forms.Ointments convenient applied to external hemorrhoids, and suppositories can help alleviate the condition in the presence of internal nodes.The composition of most drugs from hemorrhoids natural ingred

ients, which are practically not absorbed into the bloodstream.Therefore, the use of certain candles and ointments for the treatment of this disease is allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding (though in this case, consult a doctor before use is still needed).

Protivogemorroidalnye topical preparations have a multicomponent structure, which may include hormonal substances that help reduce inflammation and reduce swelling, anesthetics reduce pain.Also help to eliminate edema vasoconstrictor components and substances, blood thinning, promote dissolution of formed blood clots and prevent the formation of new ones.Additionally composed suppositories and ointments hemorrhoids podsushivayuschee may include materials such as zinc, and regenerating ingredients.

all external agents for the treatment of hemorrhoids are applied only after careful toilet perianal area.

One such modern and effective remedies for hemorrhoids are candles and ointment Relief, the main component of which - shark liver oil has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and wound-healing effects.In addition to shark liver oil in the composition of these suppositories and ointments vasoconstrictor includes a component that will help reduce the swelling and itching at the site of inflammation.

also produced candles and ointment Advanced Relief, as part of which the main component is present in addition to the analgesic substance benzocaine, so they can be used in the presence of pain in the area of ​​inflammation.Candles

Relief Ultra contain, besides shark liver oil, zinc sulfate, which promotes healing anal fissures, hemorrhoids are often related, and hydrocortisone acetate - hormonal component, vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory properties.

There is an analog of the drug Relief with similar composition and has a similar effect, sold under the name Gemorol.It is also available in two dosage forms in the form of ointments and rectal suppositories.

candles and ointments Relief, Relief Advanced, Ultra Relief and Gemorol have a number of limitations to the use, so before applying them to carefully read the instructions and if necessary consult a doctor.

This drug is very well established in the treatment of both acute and chronic forms of hemorrhoids.Action Proktozana analogous to the preparation Relief, however, comprising contains components obtained only by chemical means.Candles and ointment Proktozan help rapidly reduce inflammation in the area of ​​hemorrhoids, reduce pain and burning sensation in the affected area, and promote wound healing.This drug has a wide range of contraindications than Relief.

These rectal suppositories manufactured based on substances derived from marine brown algae.They have a hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect, helping to cope with the symptoms of chronic bleeding hemorrhoids and anal fissures.Candles Natalsid are virtually harmless, and their use is contraindicated only in children, and if you are hypersensitive.That is why they often recommend that pregnant and lactating women.

ointment and suppositories Gepatrombin D - a combination of drugs, which are also well established in proctology.They are recommended for use in the presence of blood clots in the hemorrhoids, and also to prevent their formation.They contain anticoagulant heparin, which has antithrombotic and mild anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action.In addition to the anticoagulant in the drug Gepatrombin F includes hormonal and analgesic components.

also in uncomplicated thrombosis and to prevent it can be used heparin ointment.

drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids very much, other than those described above have been successfully used candles Procto-Glivenol, Anuzol ointment Proctosedyl, candles and ointment Posterisan Forte et al. It is composed of different substances that help relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.Particular attention should be paid to drug Posterisan Forte, the application of which there is a strengthening of local protective mechanisms in the affected area, thereby improving the regenerative ability of damaged tissues.

addition to topical treatment of hemorrhoids doctor may recommend treatment with drugs and overall having venoprotektivnym and venous action, because one of the causes of the disease - a violation of blood flow to the hemorrhoidal veins.

These drugs are Detraleks, Troxevasin, Ginkor Fort.Prove their clinical efficacy in the treatment of hemorrhoids.They can be recommended for acute hemorrhoids for the prevention of blood clots due to improved blood flow to the hemorrhoids.Also, these products strengthen the walls of capillaries and reduce their permeability, which helps to avoid bleeding.

Constipation can often be more a problem with hemorrhoids.Firstly themselves constipation often become a cause of hemorrhoids or exacerbation, secondly, prolonged straining undesirable for hemorrhoids, and finally, thirdly, solid stool can damage inflamed hemorrhoids, which may lead to bleeding and increasedpain.In addition, people suffering from hemorrhoids, there is often a fear of defecation, the so-called stuloboyazn, due to the fact that during a bowel movement they have to experience very painful.

Undoubtedly, diet hemorrhoids, aimed at the prevention of constipation, it is necessary, but often this is not enough, then without the help of laxatives can not do.Preference should be given laxatives mild.These drugs include products based on lactulose (Duphalac, Goodluck, Normase et al.) That gently stimulates peristalsis and soften the stool.Most of the drugs in this group are allowed to take during pregnancy and lactation.

Hemorrhoids, especially during exacerbation of the disease, it is not recommended to use drugs irritant (Senadeksin, Guttalaks, bisacodyl, Regulaks and so on. N.) Also, do not use products with a strong osmotic effect (Forlaks, Lavacolla, Fortrans).Although their effect occurs quickly, they have a number of unpleasant side effects, which are undesirable for hemorrhoids.Also during exacerbation of the disease is impossible to do an enema in remission this procedure should perform with great care, and if there is no urgent need, the best of it all the same refrain.

after each act of defecation is necessary to hygiene.When hemorrhoids, especially during his aggravation, it is undesirable to use toilet paper.Each chair is recommended to thoroughly wash the anal area with running water, in addition, you can use baby soap.During an exacerbation for cleaning the useful herbal teas, anti-inflammatory effect, for example, a decoction of chamomile.

Despite this variety of means to treat hemorrhoids at home, give up visit to the doctor is not necessary.Refer to the proctologist or surgeon it is necessary, if any signs of hemorrhoids for the first time, because they may indicate the presence of more serious diseases of the rectum, as well as in cases where despite treatment symptoms do not subside or progress.Do not neglect a visit to the doctor pregnant and lactating women.

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