Duodenitis: Treatment

Inflammation of the duodenum, or duodenitis, isolation is uncommon - in most cases the disease is associated with other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis ...).This pathology is diagnosed in people of different age groups, and equally affects both men and women.


  • 1 Classification
  • 2 Etiology duodenitis
  • 3 Pathogenesis
    • 3.1 Symptoms of inflammation of the duodenum
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According to conventional classification is duodenit:

most common causes of acute duodenitis are:

Chronic duodenitis often - the result of inefficient and irregular power supply.

factors provoking the onset of disease, are the presence of bacteria in the stomach cavity Helisobacter pylori and duodenostasis (violation of promoting food through the duodenum).In addition to the above factors contribute to the development of duodenitis:

acute and primary duodenit result from damage to the duode

nal mucosa gastric contents acidity.If the number of protective factors in the duodenum reduced, giperatsidnyh juices irritate the mucous membrane of the intestine, causing inflammation in it.

Secondary duodenit a consequence duodenostasis: the contents of the stomach into the duodenum podpadaya delayed it for a longer period than is necessary, and therefore, a longer time irritates the mucous, which leads to inflammation.

For acute duodenitis characterized by complaints of patients on:

Symptoms of chronic duodenitis more flattened and very different for different forms of the disease.Typically, patients are concerned:

When duodenostasis epigastric pain in the right upper quadrant or expressions are twisting, arching, paroxysmal in nature;as patients complain of rumbling in the stomach, a feeling of bloating, bitterness in the mouth and vomiting bile.

If duodenitis is combined with duodenal ulcer, at the forefront of the above symptoms of the disease - namely, intense pain in the epigastric empty stomach.

Where duodenit combined with other bowel disease - enteritis, it appears, first of all, intestinal symptoms (pain along the bowel, bloating his frequent loose stools).

If the disease is long, the mucous membrane duodenal atrophy and impaired synthesis of enzymes that promote normal digestion.As a result, there are profound frustration, not only in the digestive tract, but also many other systems of the body, including the central and autonomic nervous system.

patient complaints, medical history and physical examination can help the doctor suspect duodenitis.On palpation attract attention varying degrees of pain in the epigastric.To clarify the diagnosis duodenitis and differentiate it from other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, the patient can be assigned:

main point of treatment is diet duodenitis.

diet should be followed throughout life, but in the acute phase of the disease, it must be as rigorous as well as signs of fading aggravation of the patient should gradually expand the diet (of course, within the framework of what is permitted).

addition to diet in acute duodenitis or during an exacerbation of chronic forms it can be assigned to the patient and medications:

abscess form of acute duodenitis is an indication for surgery, followed by antibiotic therapy.

basic preventive measures when duodenitis are:

about the problems of the duodenum more in the "Live healthy!»:

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