Treatment for boils at home

Furuncle - an inflammation of the hair follicle skin purulent contents.It can appear anywhere in the body, where hair is present.Boils are never on the feet and hands, and red border of the lips.Infectious agents most often in this case are staphylococci.


  • 1 main factors contributing to the occurrence of boils
  • 2 How is boil
  • 3 Complications
  • 4 When should always consult a doctor
  • 5 How to Conductboil treatment at home

the initial stage of the boil future looks just like an ordinary pimple.Gradually, however, the inflammation increases, and in the center of the rod is formed purulent.About a week later, he opened, pus expires, the rod is removed.After that, gradually decreasing inflammation of the skin, redness passes, but the former site of the boil there is a small scar.

If simultaneously there were several boils in a relatively small area, it is called furunculosis.In the case of continuous occurrence of boils or carbuncles need to visit a doctor to determine the cau

se of the condition.

In severe cases, abrasions can be complicated by the spread of the infection inside the body and cause inflammatory processes in internal organs and shells, including a purulent meningitis.

Treatment boils at home is not worth spending if the boil appeared in the wrong place, causing severe pain, accompanied by chills, fever, or if developed abrasions.

To the doctor should contact in cases when a week later did not happen spontaneously opening the abscess and remove the rod (the provider will do this so that the infection does not enter).

At relapse of the disease.It must be remembered that the staphylococci - these are micro-organisms that can easily adapt to a variety of antibacterial agents and may be long "nap" in the body, nothing revealing its presence.However, with a decrease in the body's defenses, they begin to actively proliferate, causing the emergence of new festering boils and other diseases.

If the immune system is working well, even without treatment usually boil will heal in about a week.

However, you can use the following methods and means of treatment:

If the boils appear quite often, you should think about strengthening the protective properties of the skin.For example: