Diet for Hemorrhoids

Malnutrition often becomes a cause of aggravation of many diseases, and hemorrhoids - is no exception.Very often, patients begin a diet only when an exacerbation of the inflammatory process has already begun, and do not even think that the constant dieting it could have been avoided.


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In the occurrence of hemorrhoids and flare-ups of food factor often plays an important role.Eating certain foods can cause increased blood flow to the vessels of the perineum and pelvis.This leads to an overflow of venous blood, and eventually formed and hemorrhoids.This effect may have smoked, pickled, canned food, spices, hot spices and alcohol, t. E., These products should be completely excluded from the diet of people suffering from hemorrhoids.

also to comply with hemorrhoids diet is to prevent constip

ation.In this disease, especially in its exacerbation, constipation can create additional problems.

For smooth functioning of the intestines it must be a sufficient amount of fiber, which is rich in plant foods (vegetables, fruits, bran).Fiber helps soften stools, making bowel movements easier, and an exacerbation of the disease are less likely traumatic hemorrhoids and decrease unpleasant pain during defecation.In addition, fiber is required to maintain the normal intestinal microflora composition, which also plays an important role in normal digestion.

Every day you need to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, it is necessary to ensure that the stool was less dense.If a person drinks enough water, the denser stool slowly moving through the intestines, and to remove them you need to put a lot more effort.The pressure on the intestinal wall and straining lead to trauma and the appearance of hemorrhoids anal fissures.

Fractional regular meals will also help to establish the bowels and get rid of constipation.It is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, preferably at about the same time.

basis of the diet in this disease - it is vegetables, fruits and cereals.You can eat buckwheat, barley, oats, barley grits, but from semolina and rice should be abandoned.Bread should be selected from wheat flour, bread with bran useful not recommended to eat fresh bread.Pasta made of durum wheat can be eaten occasionally.

can eat almost any vegetable, it is better to give preference beets, carrots, zucchini, cabbage (broccoli and color), cucumbers and tomatoes.They can be steamed, boiled, stew, or eat fresh.From fruits are very useful apples, bananas, apricots, plums, citrus fruits and dried fruits (apricots, prunes, raisins), picking fruit, you need to watch that they are ripe.

Hemorrhoids can eat lean meat and fish varieties, prepared meat and fish dishes are best steamed or baked in the oven.Useful for any organism vegetable oils, especially olive oil, and linseed oil, can be added to salads instead of mayonnaise.There are no restrictions on the use of dairy products, especially enriched further lacto-and bifidobacteria.

allowed to drink drinks, juices, fruit drinks, weak tea.Furthermore, it is necessary to drink and clean water.To prevent constipation is recommended every morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of cool water.The remission of the disease allowed to use alcoholic beverages in small quantities.

dietary restrictions of hemorrhoids is actually not so much.Even if sometimes, for example, at the holiday table, you eat something forbidden, it is unlikely to come exacerbation.However, drink a digestive enzyme tablet formulation (Mezim, Pancreatin, Kreon, etc.) Can not hurt.

have to refuse from fatty, fried, spicy food, canned food and pickles.You can not eat fresh white bread, pastries with fatty creams and cream, pastry, chocolate.We should not drink strong coffee and tea, cocoa, jelly and spirits.

From vegetables should be excluded cabbage, radish, radishes, turnips legumes, as well as limit the amount of alcohol potatoes.

In acute hemorrhoids is necessary to observe strict diet, no exceptions are allowed.

Proper nutrition plays an important role not only in the restoration of the body after the operation - hemorrhoidectomy, and is one of the measures for the prevention of postoperative complications.The purpose of the diet: a balanced diet and regular bowel movements, and the chair must be soft enough so as not to interfere with the healing of surgical wounds.

During the first days after the operation, it is desirable to defecation was not, so the patient is recommended to starve, but drinking enough water.On the second day after the hemorrhoidectomy can start eating small meals 5-6 times a day.It is necessary to completely eliminate the foods that can cause fermentation in the gut and increase flatulence.These include some vegetables (cabbage, radish, turnip, radish, beans), grapes, citrus fruits and juices from them, whole milk, soft drinks, black bread and any sweets.It is strictly forbidden to eat foods that can increase blood flow to the pelvic organs: smoked, pickled, spicy, spicy, canned food and any alcohol.

After removal of hemorrhoids recommended to eat crisp cereal (buckwheat, millet), dairy products, white dried bread from wheat flour, low-fat meat, vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables (except those mentioned above).Dishes should be steamed, boiled or stewed, in the first days after the operation can be further milled.Meat is better to cook a souffle, meatballs, burgers and vegetable mash and salad.Fried foods from the diet should be excluded until complete recovery of the body after surgery.
daily also need to drink plenty of fluids, the best drink in this case is pure water.

Compliance with the doctor's recommendations, including diet, will help accelerate the recovery period after surgery and avoid relapse.

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