Heartburn: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Probably every adult at least once in my life experienced unpleasant physical sensation - heartburn.It is a kind of burning, overflowed from the epigastric (upper abdominal) area up behind the sternum.Its duration varies from a few seconds to several hours.

of heartburn is due to irritation of nerve fibers esophageal gastric contents, which is full of activity of gastric enzymes, hydrochloric acid or corrosive components of bile.From one person to another, this symptom is not transmitted.


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Heartburn is often accompanied by other similar mechanism of onset of symptoms.These include:

Heartburn has several mechanisms of its origin.In most patients, heartburn is caused by:

These phenomena are observed in the following diseases:

Heartburn and other symptoms mentioned above are striking clinical manifestations of these diseases.

In addition, the appearance may contribute to heartburn fa

ctors further reduces the tone of weakened esophageal sphincter.It is triggered by:

course, do not rush to the doctor in the event of short-term heartburn after tasting richly flavored dishes pepper some of the national cuisine.It is the majority of people disappear without a trace.But 40% of adults experience heartburn at least once a month, and 20% suffer from it on a weekly basis.In such cases, you should analyze its relationship with physical activity, taking medication, diet, smoking.If, however, after the elimination of triggering factors, it is then an urgent need professional help.

Some fear unpleasant examinations and swallow the recommended drugs by pharmacists friends or banal or soda.But such a policy of an ostrich, hiding his head in the sand, is fraught with aggravation of an existing disease, the development of its severe complications (bleeding, cancer, narrowing of the esophagus, and others.), The emergence of side effects from medications taken.A soda first, in fact, an aggressive hydrochloric acid neutralizes and removes heartburn, stomach but then further enhances the production of the chemical and heartburn returns.Therefore, the choice of optimal treatment interventions doctors insist on the full survey.The necessary diagnostic procedures may include:

In most cases, doctors are limited fibroezofagogastroduodenoskopiey.

Almost any treatment of ailments involving heartburn, includes some simple rules regarding changes in the daily diet and lifestyle.Therefore, to visit the doctor, you can already use them.These include:

If heartburn is caused by a doctor's appointment medications (aspirin, quinidine, doxycycline, some antidepressants, antispasmodics, cardiac and anti-inflammatory drugs), then be sure to discuss with him the possibility of replacing or withdrawal of these drugs.

prescription drugs eliminate heartburn should be an expert, since the choice of drugs themselves, their dosages, combinations, and duration of the course is determined by the particular clinical situation.Typically, doctors prescribe:

Sometimes patients need a more radical treatment (surgery).

Preventing heartburn is to remove the factors provoking her, a healthy diet, avoiding stress, excessive exercise, and healthy lifestyle.

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