Diseases of the lips - causes, symptoms, treatment

red border outside and the mucous membrane of the lips from the oral cavity have several different structures, resistance to adverse factors and properties."Chapping" lips or the appearance of cracks on them - manifestations, familiar to many people, especially during cold windy weather and a lack of vitamins.Many states such as fever, viral infection or allergic reaction can occur on the lips.


  • 1 Classification of Diseases lips
    • 1.1 Exfoliative cheilitis
    • 1.2 Glandular cheilitis
    • 1.3 Meteorological cheilitis
    • 1.4 Actinic cheilitis
    • 1.5 Atopic cheilitis
    • 1.6 Eczematous cheilitis
    • 1.7 Chronic cracked lips

Hale - a benign inflammatory disease of the lips.There are in fact symptomatic cheilites and inflammation in other diseases.

Reasons for development: stress, genetic predisposition, mental disorders, decreased immunity.Manifestations:

Treatment: sedatives soothing, greasing the lips indifferent creams, removing crusts 2% solution of boric acid and th border

impact beams (radiation Bucca) 2 Gy 2 times per week.Simultaneously, prescribers, increasing the reactivity of the organism, for example, Pyrogenalum.Inflammatory disease

lip associated with the work small salivary glands located in the area.More common in men older than 50 years.

Manifestations: on the red border of lips red spots, of which there are droplets of saliva - a symptom of "dew".Due to the constant moisture and the moisture evaporates rapidly developing dry lips, cracks, erosion.If the ducts are dilated glands become infected, there is pus, swelling and severe pain of the lips.

Treatment: anti-inflammatory ointment (hydrocortisone, prednisolone), electrocautery excision and salivary gland enlargement.

Under the influence of environmental factors (humidity, cold, wind, frost, etc.) May develop meteorological cheilitis.The important role played by the structural features of the skin and the presence of chronic skin diseases.

Manifestations: lips become red, swollen, there is a sensation of contraction of the lips, peeling, dryness.In the long cracks can appear.Man constantly licks his lips, trying to moisten them.

Treatment: avoid adverse environmental factors, handle protective lip emollient creams, corticosteroid ointments (if necessary), drink a course of multivitamins.

This form of inflammation of the lips is due to their increased sensitivity to the action of ultraviolet rays.Acute disease with prolonged exposure to the sun.

Manifestations: disease begins with dry lips, redness, cracking and the formation of scales.In the future, may be formed for a long time does not heal erosions, ulcers, lip seal portions.With the development of the chronic form of the disease there is a risk of malignancy and its transition to a precancer.

Treatment: the use of sunscreen creams on the street, corticosteroid ointments (prednisolone, flutsinar).Assigned course of vitamins, nicotinic acid, in some cases, added to the treatment antimalarials (delagil 0.25 g of 2 times a day for 2-3 weeks), and corticosteroids (prednisone 10 mg per day).

The disease is one of the symptoms of neurodermatitis and atopic dermatitis, common in children and adolescents.

reasons: the action of allergens - medicine, household dust, pollen, bacteria, bacteria, food.

Manifestations: red border of the lips and the surrounding skin to become red, dry, shelled, cracks on them.The person feels a burning sensation, itching, dry skin.

Treatment: recommended allergy medications (Suprastin, Claritin, Fenkarol), B vitamins In the long prescribe corticosteroids for 2-3 weeks.Locally used corticosteroid ointment 4-5 times a day.Good results are obtained by using the border rays Bucca.It is recommended that at the time of treatment to eliminate possible allergens from food, to limit the intake of carbohydrates.

is a symptom of the general eczematous process - inflammation of the surface layers of the skin neyroallergicheskoy nature.

manifestations: in the acute stage there are bubbles, brown, scales on the red border of lips swollen, one feels pain, itching, burning.The process extends to the surrounding skin.In chronic disease the swelling and redness is significantly less affected areas of the skin and lips are sealed, they appear flakes peeling.

Treatment: appoint desensitizing and sedatives.Local manufacturing inflamed corticosteroid ointments, antimicrobials (Lorinden C Sinalar-H Deksokort).

crack - a linear violation of the integrity of tissues, can be formed on the red border of lips, the skin at the corners of his mouth.Frequent, long healed.

reasons: the individual features of the structure of the lips, they dryness, chronic injury, bad habits (licking, sucking), smoking, stress, chronic disease.

Implication: there is a linear single deep fissure located laterally on the red border of lips, much painful, can spread to the skin.In the long crack is covered with brown crusts around the tissue becomes edematous, painful.Healing is difficult because of the constant movement of the lips while talking, eating.Relapses lip defects appear in the same places.In 6% of cases, a crack may ozlokachestvlyatsya.

treatment: wound healing agent (sea buckthorn, wild rose, Solkoseril), anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, tetracycline or ointment on the basis of calendula).

mouth disease are common.Not all people pay attention to the symptoms of inflammation on the lips and do not conduct proper treatment.It should nevertheless be remembered that chronic disease with long-term existence of the lips may become more serious disease - a precancer lips.Consult your doctor for frequent exacerbations of the disease is not difficult.If extenuating protection balms, creams, lipsticks do not give a positive effect, and inflammation of the lips only increased, it is evident that the use of special tools, which can pick up a doctor.About

lip diseases, particularly herpes, in the "Live healthy!»:

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