Treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery

In recent years, this is a benign tumor of the uterus almost a quarter of all gynecological diseases.Basically it affects older than 30-40 years, as it is hormone-dependent.At this age, most often a woman has already taken place as a specialist, as a mother and wife, as a person, that is why, immediately after the diagnosis - uterine fibroids, the question arises: whether the treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery?


  • 1 Indications for surgical treatment of uterine fibroids:
  • 2 General recommendations.
  • 3 drugs.
  • 4 And finally.

do without surgery is possible and even necessary, but only in certain specific cases, in the absence of absolute indications for surgery.

These are absolute indications for planned surgery.But there are immediate, acute conditions, which resulted in the emergency operations conducted, often with massive blood loss.These include the torsion leg assembly, as well as its partial or total necrosis (necrosis).Such processes are impossible to predict,

but more often they occur in the absence of proper treatment.


All these measures are aimed only at preventing the further growth of fibroids and its malignancy, and are the main therapeutic agents, although it gives a good effect.

Exposure to chemicals on the tumor resulting in its compaction, reduced blood flow to it, and to decrease its size.When uterine still quite small, it means a considerable improvement of women, the decrease or disappearance of adverse symptoms.When the tumor is already large, and it must be removed surgically, in this case the drugs are very great help physicians reduce blood loss during surgery, and avoid dangerous complications.So it is possible to use them as well as preparation for surgery.And the drugs used for medical treatment of uterine fibroids, there are only two groups, each of them used the ladies of various ages.

treatment of uterine fibroids without surgery possible, but in any case, this should be done only under medical supervision.The possibility of conservative treatment depends entirely on the woman's age, her health, the presence and severity of symptoms, and the type of fibroids and dynamics of its development.A prerequisite is a complete diagnosis and dynamic observation of her at least once a year, with a mandatory ultrasound of the uterus.

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