How to treat bed sores in bedridden patient

in critically ill people for a long time bedridden, even with good care can be formed bedsores.They result from prolonged compression of certain portions of the body, because of which blood circulation in vessels of the skin, and, consequently, its trophism.In addition, patients are often bedridden decrease immunity, which leads to the oppression of the regenerative properties of tissues, which further aggravates their condition.


  • 1 How to treat bedsores
    • 1.1 superficial bedsores (I and II stage)
    • 1.2 Deep bedsores (III-IV stage)
  • 2 Prevention of bedsores

Bedsores can develop anywhere.Prolonged lying on its side, they appear on the shoulders, the lateral surfaces of the pelvis and legs.Long stay on the back leads to bedsores on his head, shoulder blades, lumbar, sacrum, buttocks and heels.

If bedsores are formed, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment to prevent progression of inflammatory purulent process.The first step is to put under the spot where the skin is

struck, backer (inflatable) circle.This is necessary in order to relieve pressure on the affected area without this pressure sores will not heal.Also, it helps provide air access to the wound, in addition, the place where localized pressure sores must be kept dry.

treatment of bedsores depends on the stage of the process.

Superficial pressure ulcers stage I, characterized in that the skin surface is not damaged, it is noted redness, pressure-sensitive finger she is white, place a bedsore can be swollen.At this stage should be several times a day to handle the affected skin camphor alcohol, extract of Sophora japonica or sea buckthorn oil.Massaging the skin is not necessary.It is important to notice and begin to treat pressure ulcers stage I, with the progression of the treatment process is much more complicated, and the timing of its rise.

Bedsores stage II may contain a small amount of necrotic tissue, looks like a little sore or blister.It is necessary to prevent the progression of inflammatory processes.Several times a day, the wound must be carefully processed antiseptic (chlorhexidine), then you can apply an ointment Levomekol, Solkoseril, Aktovegin that promote wound healing.Also, a good therapeutic effect have applications with enzymes and other substances, has wound-healing properties (Multiferm), and hydrocolloid (Comfy Plus) and hydrogel (Gidrosorb Comfort) dressing.Such dressings significantly reduce the time of treatment of pressure ulcers stages I and II, are easy to use and do not require daily replacement.

Bedsores stage III - it is a deep wound, the skin in the affected area completely lost, visible subcutaneous fat, the wound may be filled with pus.When bedsores stage IV chronic inflammatory process affects the muscles, tendons, and sometimes even bone.

In the event of deep bedsores should consult a doctor-surgeon.Need quality sanitation wound cleansing from necrotic masses, the prevention of wound infection and the use of wound healing agents.It is recommended to use special dressings for the treatment of deep pressure sores, for example, Proteoks TM or PAM-T.Such bandages, wipes effectively clean the wound (primary alternative to surgical treatment) and have anti-inflammatory effect, which contributes to the healing of pressure ulcers.Replacement of dressings made in 1-2 days.

In the event of large quantities of exudative discharge from the wound is recommended to use special absorbent sponge dressings (Beate), which are able to absorb large amounts of liquid, drying the wound.

to treat deep wounds after cleaning them from the pus, necrotic masses, in the absence of a secondary infection to effectively use absorbent gels (Purilon).The use of such gels cleanses deep wounds and create an optimal environment for their healing, in addition, when filling the wound creates a sense of comfort for the patient.Change dressings with gel is made in 3-5 days.

treatment of deep pressure ulcers - a long and difficult process, so patients with pressure ulcers stages III and IV need help the surgeon who will give detailed recommendations for treatment, as well as teach the relatives of the patient properly sanitize the wounds and bandage.

Bedsores, like any other disease, it is easier to prevent than to treat.In order to prevent their formation in bedridden patients need constant prevention.Means for prevention of pressure ulcers are expensive, but the treatment is much more expensive and a very long process.