Ulcerative colitis intestine - symptoms, causes, treatment

ulcerative colitis called lifelong disease that affects only the colon mucosa and manifests its destructive and ulcerative inflammation of varying intensity.It always amazes rectum, gradually extending continuously or just grabbing the rest of the colon.It is also a disease called ulcerative colitis (UC).

In recent years, the disease has become much more frequently found among our countrymen.To some extent this is due to the improvement of technical equipment of hospitals and increasing the awareness of doctors and patients themselves.Treatment of ulcerative colitis identified is often long, complex and requires joint efforts of both the physician and the patient.


  • 1 symptoms of ulcerative colitis
  • 2 reasons
  • 3 Diagnostics
    • 3.1 instrumental techniques
    • 3.2 Laboratory methods
  • 4 Treatment

ulcerative colitis often suffer from intestinal citizens living in developed countries.To the north of the disease is characterized by a gradient (Southerners they suffer less).It i

s believed that it will debut either young (under 30 years) or in elderly (over 60) age, although they may be ill people throughout his life.

manifestations of ulcerative colitis and their severity vary widely.In some patients for many years saved quite decent health, and disease manifests only mixed with blood in the stool.Such patients often associate this symptom with hemorrhoids, avoid full-fledged self-examination and addicted to the Internet or traditional medicine.Others are from the beginning of ulcerative colitis are hospitalized with multiple bloody diarrhea, fecal incontinence, tall fever, abdominal pain, palpitations and general weakness.

most specific symptoms of ulcerative colitis are:

In 10% of cases other than those mentioned common intestinal and extra-intestinal manifestations of the symptoms occur:

They may precede intestinal disorders.Intensity of extra-intestinal manifestations sometimes depends on the activity of inflammatory bowel injury, and in some cases completely not related to it.

Although active learning and all kinds of research, the exact origin and causes of ulcerative colitis bowel is not yet known.There are suggestions that it may provoke:

As a result, in these patients the immune system instead of alien microbes and virus begins to destroy the cells of the intestinal mucosa own, leading to the formation of ulcers.

believed that protect against disease:

Some patients with suspected ulcerative colitis fear instrumental examination of the bowel, so avoid doctor visits, argue with him or ignore the recommended diagnostic procedures.But modern treatment strategy is based entirely on the extent and activity of the inflammatory process in the intestine.The deficit of the required information may affect the success of treatment.Many of the procedures are not so painful, but "terrible colonoscopy" in decent clinics are often carried out under anesthesia (or more accurately? Medication to sleep).

need for a comprehensive examination of these patients may include:

volume desired examination can identify only a doctor.

This disease is considered serious enough, he may gradually or rapidly progressing, some patients initially have a resistance to the drugs used, or it is formed in the course of treatment, there may be life-threatening complications.Therefore, do not take up all the doctors of these patients.Some of them do not possess the necessary knowledge, others are afraid to prescribe powerful medications.

patients with mild to moderate ulcerative colitis variants can be treated as outpatients.Heavy patients must be examined and treated in a hospital, t. To., And diagnostic and therapeutic interventions can have serious and even life-threatening complications.

Patients recommend sparing diet, meets the following requirements:

Depending on the specific clinical situation, non-surgical treatment may consist of:

Candles, foams, rectal drip and enemas are most effective for inflammation of the lower parts of the colon (proctitis, left-sided colitis).

Treatment with hormones, immunosuppressive agents, and biological therapy should recommend and be sure to monitor the doctor.Even under his supervision on the part of the original patients have gradually developed immunity or resistance to them.These drugs have serious side effects (bone marrow, pancreatitis, hepatitis, etc.).

Moreover, even after the long-awaited remission patients should not relax, otherwise unpleasant ailment again quickly return to a relapse.Almost all patients need to take your doctor prescribed means of preventive treatment.Some of them prevent the development of colonic cancer.

With the ineffectiveness of drug exposure and the development of complications (bleeding, perforation, toxic megacolon or colonic cancer), a radical surgery.Complete removal of the entire colon can cure ulcerative colitis.

a controversial program "Living Health" Elena Malysheva of ulcerative colitis:

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