Pterygium eyes: how not to be late for an operation?

Have you noticed, looking into the eyes of an elderly man, red plenochku the conjunctiva.As if the blood vessels are formed in the inner track and the outer corner of the eye.It pterygium.Do not be afraid of the difficult diagnosis of spoken and let's see why.

Pterygium (translated from the Latin "wing") - a thickening of the conjunctiva, which may gradually increase the transparent part of the eye - the cornea.In advanced cases the pterygium reaches the pupil and closes it, leading to vision loss.

Most pterygium develops in middle-aged and elderly people, but it can also appear in young people.In children, it is innate.First of all, people are prone to this disease Mongoloid race who live in tropical countries with dry climates.A strong wind with sand, the effect of direct sunlight can trigger the development of their education.The important role played by chronic conjunctivitis, the effect of chemical irritants.
Pterygium can be found by looking in the mirror.It is located in the inner or outer c

orner of the eye, in complicated cases, the pterygium is detected from two sides.

The disease progresses slowly and does not affect the early stages of visual acuity without causing any discomfort.Removal of pterygium in this case is carried out at the request of a patient with a cosmetic purpose.

However, if the pterygium starts to grow, there are unpleasant sensations during blinking, tearing, vision may deteriorate due to astigmatism, which develops during the growth of the film on the cornea.In such cases, emergency surgery.

Typically, it is performed under local anesthesia.Patients instilled drops of painkillers, and in the thick of pterygium injected anesthetic solution.The film is excised blade defect conjunctiva sutured.Aseptic bandage is applied to the eye.After the surgery, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drops.Hospitalization is required.Sticking to a special regime after the intervention is not necessary.After 10-14 days, the patient can get to work.

In advanced cases, when the pterygium completely covers the pupil, object vision disappears.Surgery becomes more technically challenging for the surgeon and the patient is transferred harder.After surgery, vision can not be restored to the level it was before the development of pterygium, because he firmly fused with the cornea, and its surgical department violated its transparency.That is why it is important not to miss the moment when the operation will be carried out quickly, efficiently, and will not bring disappointment neither the doctor nor the patient.

features of the postoperative period are:

Remember that no folk medicinal treatments and pterygium at the moment does not exist.When the formation of you or your loved ones should immediately seek medical attention!

about such interference as pterygium eyes in the "Live healthy!»:

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