The reasons for the meager monthly

Many women of childbearing age do not attach importance to the nature of menstruation, if they are regular, and have more or less regular cycle.However, not only the frequency and duration of the discharge, but also their nature are of great importance.


  • 1 Gipomenoreya - menstrual dysfunction
  • 2 Symptoms
  • 3 reasons
  • 4 Treatment

meager monthly - or gipomenoreya - is one of themenstrual dysfunction.But, depending on the woman's age, the reasons for the meager monthly will be different, these violations are not only abnormal, but also completely physiological.This occurs in the early days of menstruation women in adolescence, when the first period, menarche, has already passed, but the cycle has not been established definitively.The girl has left a year to establish a cycle during which, menses can be not only scanty, i.e. small volume - less than 50 ml, but also to be rare, for example, type opsomenorrhea when the cycle is extended to 5-8weeks;menses can be short, and last at

least two days (oligomenorrhea).Menstruation can even be extremely rare (spaniomenoreya) arise only 2 - 4 times a year.But all these violations must necessarily disappear after one year from the date of the first missed period.If this does not happen, and the cycle will be irregular, acyclic, then we can say about the pathology of menstrual function.

scanty menstruation, in a completely physiological sense, may be in the waning fertility of women, premenopausal.This period is preceded by a complete cessation of menstruation - menopause, and is 2 years.Physiology gipomenoreya in these critical times of a woman's life, perhaps, but it does not mean that it will be present at all mandatory.Besides, we can not exclude the presence of pathological gipomenorei, for various reasons, the fact, in the same two age periods, though it happens much less frequently.

abnormally scanty menstruation, for ease of diagnosis, are divided into:

Manifestations gipomenorei insignificant and so many women do not even know that they have gipomenorei.The main and perhaps the only symptom is a decrease in the amount allocated to the menstrual blood to 50 ml.Secretions may look like drops of bright red underwear on, or spotting traces of dark brown, muddy red.In the absence of proper care of their health to such allocation can be and not take for menstrual.

Gipomenoreya , like other forms of abnormal menstruation, may be accompanied by malaise, malaise, headaches, even chest pain.It can also cause nausea, vomiting until;nosebleeds varying intensity and mental disorders - neurological health.But the most common symptoms that accompany gipomenoreyu are abdominal pain, quite intense, spastic character, as if twisting;aching pain, usually bilateral, as well as decreased libido that occurs due to the fall in estrogen levels in the blood.

to establish specific reasons meager monthly (ie development gipomenorei), set whether it is a primary form, or is secondary.The emergence of the primary gipomenorei associated with congenital anomalies of development, including the sexual organs, various mental retardation.But most of all, at the moment, in this case, the cause is the lack of even a small critical mass of the girl's body.This communication takes place at the level of hormones as estrogen, for the most part, it is deposited in the adipose tissue.

The reasons for the emergence of secondary forms gipomenorei are many factors.If we talk about mechanical factors, it is the presence of a pathological narrowing of the cervix, which simply does not pass izlivshuyusya blood in the vagina, as well as the preceding injuries and operations on the pelvic organs, including the genitals.Another group of reasons - the development of endometrial inferiority decreases its area after surgical removal of part of the uterus, or by reducing the amount of hormone receptor on its surface with excessive scraping, or prolonged and severe inflammatory processes occurring.Another reason is the large group of diseases of the endocrine system, and, consequently, a violation of the hormonal regulation of the menstrual function.Swing weight is the primary cause of gipomenorei form, as can be safely attributed to these reasons.As well as stress, emotional stress and lack of vitamins in the food consumed.To a large extent to the impoverishment of menstruation can cause a woman and use of oral contraceptives.

When any form gipomenorei need to seek help from the obstetrician-gynecologist.Even if a woman is confident in the cause of the meager monthly, and believes that their own will be able to cope with this problem, restoring in this cycle, additional diagnostics, including differential.Gipomenorei treatment is to remove the reasons which caused it.

Many women try to restore the menstrual cycle with the use of synthetic hormones that have a lot of side effects.Therefore, doctors recommend the use of natural products that could without harm to the body in a relatively short time to fully normalize cycle.For example, a combined preparation "Time Factor", which combines herbal extracts phytohormonal action, vitamins and minerals, not just politely normalize the different phases of the menstrual cycle, but also improves mood, alleviates the symptoms of PMS and supports well-being and performance.

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