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Why hurt hands: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hands person experiencing multiple pressures, because we use them, carrying various items, performing fine movements, including repetitive.Problems with the tassels, especially pain of the hands, sometimes the initial symptoms of systemic disease of the joints, and can accompany the disease of the internal organs.


  • 1 Injuries
  • 2 Tendinitis
  • 3 tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • 4 Deforming osteoarthritis joints brush
  • 5 Aseptic necrosis
  • 6 Disease De Quervain
  • 7 «WRITING" cramp
  • 8 Syndrome snaps his fingers
  • 9 gouty arthritis
  • 10 Rheumatoid arthritis
  • 11 Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • 12 SyndromeRaynaud
  • 13 pain in your hands in diseases of the internal organs and the states of the organism
  • 14 General recommendations for pain in the hands
  • 15 immediately contact your doctor if any of the following symptoms:
  • 16 prevention of pain in your hands

injury brushes Brushes are often subject to injury, which several species.Thus, in case of damage ligament

ous apparatus of the wrist joint pain initially acute, later pulling movements are painful and may be limited.If you had a dislocated phalanx of one of the hands, the place of injury swells, clear noticeable distortion, frequency and number of movements are reduced.If there is a dislocation of the small bones such as semilunar, navicular, pisiform, it can lead to significant violations of the hand of functionality, but to recognize this kind of damage is difficult.For fractures of the hand movements severely restricted, the injury swelling, abnormal mobility possible, crunching debris.Treatment of hand injuries is conservative and operative.Conservative treatment is immobilization using plaster or splints, physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy.If necessary, surgery is performed in order to restore the normal anatomy of the hand.

Overload hands This inflammation of the tendons of the brush.If tendinitis is suspected, you should pay attention to the kind of human activity.The disease is characteristic of people repeating the same type of hand movements: athletes, porters, pianists, seamstresses.Pain initially not pronounced, and then becomes sharp, especially when the load on the brush.Patients complain of weakness when working hands, swelling, sometimes crunching along the tendons.Treatment is to eliminate loads Content brushes at rest for several days, anti-inflammatory drugs (non-steroidal drugs in tablet form and local forms) fizprotsedurah.After eliminating the symptoms gradually should begin to gymnastics, warm baths for the hands.Tendinitis can recur after the return of the former physical activity.

at the wrist bone is surrounded by walls and the transverse carpal ligament the median nerve passes.It may be stifled due to several reasons.Among them is called professional work (long-term work at the computer, playing musical instruments), hormonal changes, rheumatoid arthritis, cysts, tumors, fractures in this area.Swollen tissues compress the nerve, and it is inflamed.The pain is severe, brush numb, limited mobility of the fingers.In the event of tunnel syndrome requires a change of activity, anti-inflammatory therapy, fixing the brush supports, and in some cases surgical correction.

In this disease pathology begins with damage to the cartilage covering the joints brush.A more common cause - wrist fractures, intraarticular fractures of fingers, especially fused properly.Also arthritis can develop due to metabolic disorders, systemic diseases (polyarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis).Pains occur when loads on the brush, and an exacerbation of the process there are dormant.Characteristic crunch in the joint, deformity, limited mobility, swelling.Disturbed fine motor skills, which leads to the inability to perform many activities.Treatment of osteoarthritis complex (chondroprotectors, anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy, massage, gymnastics).

pretty serious disease that affects the bones of the wrist most often.Disrupted blood flow to bone tissue, which leads to its withering away, resorption.This area becomes inflamed and very painful and at rest and during exercise;there is swelling.Reasons for avascular necrosis: a broken bone or its inflammation.

develops with frequent twisting of the hand and grasping movements, such as raising a child, knitting, bowling.This extensor tendon sheath becomes inflamed thumb.The pain at the base of the first worries finger in this area there is swelling, can crunching during movement.To diagnose de Quervain, you need to bend your thumb, press it against the palm, fingers clutching the wrist and tilted toward the little finger.This method will cause pain at the base of the thumb.

Prolonged typing or writing may appear "writing" a cramp, t. E. A painful spasm of the muscles of the fingers.This disease are more prone to people with cervical osteochondrosis, neurocirculatory dystonia, as well as those who are under stress.When you try to write in the brush there is a weakness, trembling.Treatment consists of physical therapy, relaxation baths, gymnastics, psychotherapy.

If a person has a permanent overvoltage brush (this may also occur in women in menopause), the synovial membrane covering the finger flexor tendon, swollen, and free sliding difficult.The bent finger to straighten it becomes difficult, if efforts are a click is heard.Over time, there is pain in the area of ​​the inner surface of the fingers.In this case, preferable to surgery - cutting annular ligament, tendon passing in the channel.Mobility has restored the finger on the operating table.

When gout in the joints urate accumulated - the salt of uric acid.Most inflamed joint at the base of the first toe, then the process extends to other joints, including at the wrist joint.The pain is very severe (throbbing or burning), which is accompanied by swelling, redness, and can last up to several days.Gout should be to stop anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, Celebrex).Appointed strict diet excluding meat, beans, alcohol, tomatoes.Beyond acute need to take allopurinol, which lowers the amount of uric acid in the blood.

In most cases this is a systemic inflammatory disease begins with pain in the hands, namely the joint at the base of the fingers and wrist joints.Defeat symmetrical, worry more pain in the morning, being combined with the stiffness.It is also characterized by persistent swelling, hot skin.At a later stage on the hands appear dense rheumatoid nodules, deformities of the fingers of the type "swan neck", "buttonhole".Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is the appointment of basic drugs (methotrexate), hormones (prednisone), anti-inflammatory drugs and the use of local therapy (physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage).

Long before symptoms of the disease can inflame the small joints of the hands.At low activity of pain may occur in one or more joints and speed.In other cases, the characteristic swelling, redness, dysfunction, persistent pain.Arthritis has a balanced character.Hand muscles atrophy.The mainstay of treatment are cytotoxic drugs, corticosteroids, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs.Sometimes you need plasmapheresis.

In this disease fingers numb and pale skin.Provoking factor is cold, stressful situations.There is a narrowing of the blood vessels of the skin, resulting in limited blood flow to the hands.

These measures can prevent injuries and some diseases of the hands.

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