There was a red stain on the skin - what to do?

Each of us once in my life encountered such a phenomenon as the appearance of red spots on the skin.Sometimes the cause of this phenomenon is unclear, for example redness appeared as a result of local burns or insect bites.But very often the red spot on the skin can appear for no apparent reason and persist for a long time, causing a person to see a doctor.Only in dermatology there are more than fifty diseases, one of the symptoms of which are a red rash on the skin.

most common causes of red spots on the skin, non-dermatological diseases - is infectious diseases and allergic reactions.


  • 1 Infectious diseases
  • 2 Allergy
  • 3 Circulatory system diseases
  • 4 autonomic dysfunction

With infectious diseases the appearance of rashes on the skin usually accompanied byother symptoms (fever, intoxication syndrome, catarrhal phenomena).In addition, elements of the rash in infectious diseases are rarely solitary, usually multiple lesions, and have typical localization.The most common di

seases, accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the skin - is chicken pox, measles, meningitis, scarlet fever.Less like skin manifestations are the first signs of the start of typhoid.

spread of infectious diseases fungal origin with severe cutaneous manifestations is ringworm.The disease is highly infectious frequently affects children.Spots on the skin in this disease have a characteristic appearance.They are red, round, with clear contours on the perimeter surrounded by a roll of the little bubbles in the center spot and the skin has a less intense color.

If the skin appeared red spots similar to those described above, or their appearance is accompanied by other symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor, since these lesions may be a sign of contagious infectious disease.

rash on the skin allergies can be very diverse.This can be one spot or many small, covering the entire skin of the patient.The most common clinical picture resembles a skin burn nettle, so it is often referred to as skin allergies hives.

Hives may be the result of falling directly on the skin of a substance (not uncommon occurrence of this reaction using cosmetics).Often, food allergies, reactions to pollen and animal dander accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the body.If the allergen is known, you should immediately cease contact with him, as well as to refrain from eating food allergens (honey, chocolate, nuts, citrus, seafood and some others.).It is recommended to take a few tablets of activated charcoal and an antihistamine (Tavegil, Suprastin).Usually hives without a trace passes in a few hours, but sometimes it is so pronounced symptoms that may require medical treatment in a hospital.

If the appearance of red spots on the skin as a result of an allergic reaction is accompanied by shortness of breath and severe edema, you should immediately call the ambulance crews, as this condition is likely to endanger the patient's life.

most often red spots appear on the skin with dermatitis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and systemic lupus erythematosus.Each disease has its own characteristics and requires different treatment.

example, eczema redness accompanied by itching and the appearance of small blisters filled with fluid, and a few spots of psoriasis appear above the skin, covered with flaky crust and are also accompanied by intolerable itching.For a disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus, are characterized by a clear location and shape of the spots, they have the shape of a butterfly and is located mostly on the face.

should not delay the treatment to the doctor, if the spots are bright red, clear lines and form and accompanied by itching, especially in cases when a rash appeared on the genitals.

Many faced with a situation when under emotional stress or excitement on the face and neck, red spots, sometimes even merge with each other.Such a condition associated with impaired vascular tone, skin capillaries dilate when blood flow is uneven, with the result that there are such a bright pink or red spots.Cure is likely to fail, but will help reduce the symptoms of autonomic dysfunction methods for facilitating the normalization of vascular tone (contrast shower, exercise, restful sleep and relaxation).It is also possible to use natural sedatives (valerian tincture or Leonurus, Persia).

appearance of red spots on the skin can also be related to the lack or, conversely, any excess vitamin in the body, unbalanced nutrition, diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, liver and other organs.

When a rash on the skin, seek medical advice as "harmless", at first glance, the spot may be a symptom of a serious disease that requires proper treatment.In some cases, self-medication can aggravate the disease and lead to the spread of the process.