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Crunch in the joints: Causes and Treatment

Crunch in the joints of people of all ages are concerned.It can occur in one or more articulation, accompanied by pain, or to be completely painless.The reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon - a lot.

Do not postpone the examination so as not to miss a variety of pathological conditions, the main of which is osteoarthritis - a degenerative joint disease, leading to its destruction.


  • 1 reasons crunch in joints
    • 1.1 joint hypermobility
    • 1.2 bursting of gas bubbles in the joint cavity
    • 1.3 Violations in the synthesis of collagen
    • 1.4 Lack synovialliquid or decrease the quality
    • 1.5 diseases and injuries
  • 2 Treatment crunch in joints

Individuals adolescence, often high and asthenic physique, can crunch many joints, especially the knees, jointsfingers.The fact that bone and muscle, connective tissue structures grow at different rates, it turns out the imbalance, the clinical manifestation of which is the crunch.Any treatment in this case is not required.If a teenager

goes in for sports, it is necessary to reduce the peak load, replace them with fitness and swimming.It is necessary to strengthen the muscular system, work on the coordination of movements.If crunches one joint, refer to the orthopedist.

synovial fluid contains dissolved therein gas - carbon dioxide.Tensile joint, for example, by pulling the thumb, increasing the volume of the joint cavity, the pressure therein is reduced and the gas bubbles are formed.Spadenie these bubbles causes an audible click.This is a physiological phenomenon, but it is not necessary specifically to crackle joints, such as fingers.

This protein is part of the joint ligaments and cartilage.If it is less durable, the cords somewhat stretched, resulting in the joint having a greater motion amplitude.This causes a collision of the articular surfaces against each other, accompanied by the crunch.Collagen is synthesized in the liver, so crunching can occur during its diseases.Sometimes more stretchable collagen synthesis is a hereditary factor, the cause of which is unknown.

Content articular cavity normally acts as a lubricant to smooth the friction mating surfaces.Synovial fluid can be produced in insufficient quantities at irregular physical stress on the joint, or conversely, redundant, renal diseases, which are responsible for the balance of body fluids.Cartilage tissue to be generated the necessary amount of glucosamine and chondroitin.If these components are not enough in the content of the joint cavity, as there is a crunch.Typically, this crack in the joint painless, but may be a prerequisite to the development of osteoarthritis.

If you find a specific reason articular crunch primarily performed the treatment of this disease.What if the doctor does not identify the disease?There are general principles of treatment of articular crunch, which must adhere to when the first complaints.Remember that this unpleasant disease, like arthritis, can develop over the years, appearing only in the joints crack.

diet. Provide a sufficient number of fluid intake during the day.We need to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.Enter in your diet jelly, jelly and other dishes containing gelatin.Avoid spicy, fatty foods, fried, alcohol.

control body weight. Overweight gives greater load on the bearing joints (hips, knees, ankles and spinal).

Exercise.Joints have to experience stress, but not excessive.You can practice yoga, pilates, swimming, race walking.If the joints crunch, do not run, jump, lift weights, to make sudden movements.If your work is related to slow-moving, periodically perform simple exercises at the workplace: head turns, rotating arms, bending straightening the knees, ankles.

If you start to play sports and joint crunch worries, reduce load, unload the joint, using elastic bandage.Perform the exercises under the supervision of an instructor, in order to prevent injury.

medication. There is a group of drugs - chondroprotectors.It is composed of chondroitin and glucosamine.These substances protect cartilage from premature destruction, are the building blocks to have some anti-inflammatory effect.These medicaments are available in ampoules for intra-articular or intramuscular injection, as well as in tablets.Treatment should be courses.Duration of the drug and route of administration will determine the doctor after examination and investigation.Together with hondroprotektorami doctor may prescribe medications to improve the vascular blood supply to joint tissues (Aktovegin et al.).

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