How to treat thrush at home

Entitled thrush, so simple and so well captures the essence of the problem is hidden disease under the scientific name of "vaginal candidiasis," known to mankind is not so long ago.In past centuries, even millennia, and few of the girls and women suffer from thrush.Such is the harsh fee industrialization and development of pharmaceuticals.

At the moment, perhaps, not a single representative of the beautiful half of humanity, at least once during the life Faced with vaginal candidiasis - these dry figures of statistics.In this article we look at how to cure yeast infection at home. also recommend further read our detailed review of drugs and medicines for the treatment of thrush.


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main causative agent - a yeast-like fungi genus Candida.But this does not mean that the first contact with the human body or on the skin surface of the microorganis
m will cause disease.No, in fact, Candida species are present in the rate of the absolute majority of healthy people.They are part of such a large microflora of the mouth, intestines and vagina.

To originated Candidiasis generally and especially vaginal necessary to fungi began reproduction in large quantities, or to put in too much pathogenic organism forms.That is the essential factors which cause the disease.The gradual increase in the incidence of these factors explains the rapid increase in incidence from year to year.

Foremost among these factors are beyond reduction of immunity, both general and local.When a woman is in good health, immune system cells strictly monitor the amount and composition ratio of microorganisms her vagina.Immunosuppression may result in the use of antibiotics, hormonal drugs, such as cytostatics, steroids and others., Which lead to a violation of hormonal background.

Another factor in the development of thrush is the imbalance of vaginal organisms, which leads, for example, the presence of chronic infections, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer, and even the use of oral contraceptives.

constantly recurrent vaginal candidiasis can be provoked hit fungi from the gut, which is their main reservoir from time to time, by contact to the vaginal mucosa.

One important aspect of thrush is contagious.Scientific evidence shows that vaginal candidiasis is not a disease, sexually transmitted, but in spite of this, when the first symptoms it is recommended to refuse sexual activity during treatment, and carry out preventive treatment partner.

So how does recognize yeast and in time not to miss the first of its clinical manifestations?By its nature, the woman is quite neat creatures and jealous of any discomfort emanating from the genitals (which can not be said about the other systems of the body women).

So the main manifestation is the appearance of thrush heavy discharge from the genital tract of white, cheesy nature that do not have any specific smell.This selection may be the initial stage of the disease, and can immediately be combined with itching and burning in the vagina.

very characteristic symptom is increased itching and burning not only during intercourse, which is typical for other infectious pathologies, but also during water treatment, and sleep.Quite often women tell how he woke up in the morning and still not having to get up from bed, they feel an itch in the vulva, light scratching that itch only increase, causing a burning sensation.Finally woke up and found himself in the bathroom, they discover strange selection on underwear.

for the differential diagnosis of fundamental importance to the nature of the discharge, because if they are frothy, and have a gray-yellow, pussy color, it is possible that this is not a thrush, and trichomoniasis;and if allocation creamy gray color and have an unpleasant smell of fish, these symptoms suggest bacterial vaginosis.

Another feature is the direct source of these emissions, if they come from the external opening of the urethra and have a creamy character, it indicates a gonorrhea.

Thus, in the first moments of the detection of clinical symptoms alone can be diagnosed, despite all the trouble this situation, discomfort, or perhaps the stress of a woman for the first time faced with this problem.

Another unpleasant clinical sign is pain during urination, redness of the external genitalia, the appearance of tiny bubbles on it with the liquid, which gradually opened.These symptoms are secondary manifestations of the disease.

Each woman alone decides on whether there should be her gynecologist consultation, depending on its experience, overall health, and clinical manifestations, arising directly from it.If the clinic is not difficult to diagnose, and the general condition of women is satisfactory, it is able-bodied and active in his personal life, it is possible to treat at home.

But if anything alarming in the clinic and there are adverse symptoms, inappropriate to the disease, if the thrush becomes chronic, recurring every month or even more frequently, the trek to the gynecologist is not delayed.

important part of diagnosis of chronic vaginal candidiasis is the study of gut microbiota, the study of the glycemic profile of the load, as well as screening for sexually transmitted infections by.

On the huge market there are many pharmacological drugs for the treatment of thrush.Despite the well-established in the public perception, treatment should begin with local agents in the form of suppositories, vaginal tablets and pellets, and not with preparations of systemic action type Fluconazole.

vaginal tablet - clotrimazole, Sertaconazole, ciclopirox et al., Inserted into the vagina at night for 6 days.At the same time it is recommended to use the cream to the external genitalia, they often produce a concentration of 1%, also at night.

When exposed to resistant forms of yeasts recommend the use of drugs, in conjunction with the above prebiotics antifungals or as a monotherapy.One of these prebiotics, well established and having a convenient form of release is Kandinorm.

We hope that this article will answer the question of how to cure yeast infection at home, but should take into account that all this can be called symptomatic treatment, t. E. Does not eliminate the main cause, but only clinical symptoms.If you come to a comprehensive treatment of vaginal candidiasis, it is necessary to eliminate the triggers, whether the use of antibiotics, which should take place only on prescription, produce irrigation without the need to avoid casual sex.

Most important among today's young people - to use cotton underwear to provide the skin of the external genitalia is sufficient air flow, the normal evaporation of sweat, normalization of skin temperature.

Another preventive advice is the normalization of weight, recovery of a balanced diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, dairy products, limiting consumption of refined carbohydrates, t. To. They are a favorite breeding ground for yeast-like fungi.

And, as previously stipulated preventive treatment partner.Suffice it fljukostat capsule (fluconazole) once and abstinence from sexual activity until they are cured woman.

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