Darsonval: application, indications and contraindications

Darsonvalization - treatment that uses a pulsed high voltage.The name of this technique was named after the French scientist who in the late 19th century it has offered.Due to the effects of alternating current on the body improves circulation, the activation of metabolic processes, improves trophic tissues, reduced pain threshold.

Use this method can be when a large number of diseases, today one of the most popular areas of medicine where applicable darsonvalization - is dermatology and cosmetology.

There are general and local darsonvalization.With a total patient is placed in the so-called D'Arsonval cell, such devices are equipped with special medical facilities.Common darsonvalization used for hypertension, some neuropsychiatric disorders, metabolic disorders, insomnia.

Local darsonvalization performed using small portable devices, current flows from the generator to the place of impact through special glass electrodes.Today, cell phones for local darsonvalization available to anyone intereste

d, and use them at home is not much difficulty.

usually supplied darsonvalizatsii apparatus includes a plurality of electrodes of various shapes and sizes, it can be used not only on skin, but in some accessible body cavities.

darsonvalization method is widely used in many fields of medicine:

This is not a complete list of diseases for which an effective additional treatment is darsonvalization, he has found application in almost all areas of medicine.Darsonvalization widely used in aesthetic medicine for the normalization of the sebaceous glands in the skin, rejuvenate, strengthen hair follicles and improve the condition of hair, acne treatment.

use the device for darsonvalization and rehabilitation after plastic surgery.

There are a number of contraindications to the use of the device D'Arsonval:

Usually, to start using the device darsonvalization for preventive purposes, medical consultation is not required, but if you want to use this method alone to treat diseases, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

kit with the unit for darsonvalization includes different sets of nozzles for performing procedures at different sites in the body cavities.Therefore, choosing a device, should take into account, for the treatment and prevention of any disease you are going to use it.

before using the machine should be removed from the treated area of ​​the body metal objects (jewelry, hair clips).The skin at the site of the procedure should be clean and dry, in order to improve the sliding nozzle on the skin, you can not apply a thin layer of her baby powder.After each procedure must be processed by any disinfectant solution nozzle.Particular care should be treated electrodes after application in the cavities, and by using one unit a few people.