Inflammation of the appendages, symptoms and treatment

From time immemorial, in all countries and among all peoples the girls from an early age are taught to keep your feet warm and in any case not to sit on the cold.Although hypothermia itself and not the root cause of inflammation of the appendages, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were not mistaken in these moralizing.Hypothermia - a trigger factor of inflammatory diseases, by the way, not only gynecological, urological and.In this article we will talk about inflammation of the appendages, symptoms and treatment.


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Under appendages understand all"adjacent" to the uterus internal genital organs, ie tubes, ovaries, and ligaments.And, since they are located deep inside of inflammation occurs only in three ways:

As can be seen from this list, and the microorganisms are a major cause of inflammation of the sole.

very phrase "inflammation of the" doctors, especially in our country fo

r a long time called "adnexitis".Currently, the term used less and less.It came into use the concept of "salpingitis" (inflammation of the tube) and "oophoritis" (inflammation of the tissues of the ovary).Very rarely these conditions occur separately, t. E. We are dealing with "salpingoophoritis."

presence of those or other manifestations depends salpingoophoritis:

The main clinical symptoms include primarily abdominal pain, they may be different in character and strength.Chance of chills, fever, even up to 38-40 degrees!There may be frustration of a chair according to the type of diarrhea, and nausea and even vomiting, but more often it is single.In addition to the gastrointestinal system reacts and urinary - pain during urination, which is becoming rare, with a small amount of urine, and so on. D. Another of the symptoms - discharge from the genital tract.The nature of the discharge depends on the microorganism, and there are a lot of variations, up to and even purulent bleeding (heavy, complicated cases).

girl is necessary to eliminate unprotected sex.Create a mental and complete physical rest, to normalize the power.

for pain and swelling prescribed NSAIDs - ibuprofen, etc. Intometatsin.

to boost immunity - vitamins C, E, B group

to remove the allergic effects of microbes on body girl - antihistamines (eg Suprastin).

Physiotherapeutic procedures - UFO bloods (blood detoxification, activation of the immune system, bactericidal effect), UHF region appendages, after electrophoresis.

Based on the root cause of our problems, the fundamental place in the treatment take antibiotics.Better if it will be a multi-component therapy, to influence the different groups of microorganisms:

first three or four days before the normalization of all of these drugs are administered by injection.Then you can move on to the tablet form and reduce the dose.

Efficiency above all necessary to assess in the first day.If there is a positive effect, it must be an urgent surgical intervention.

Video of the program "Live healthy!" Elena Malysheva, which discusses the inflammation of appendages:

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