Diet for obesity

diet - one of the fundamental treatments for obesity, without which achieve weight loss is almost impossible.In the treatment of the disease, regardless of the degree and type of obesity, health food must necessarily be combined with regular exercise.

If the daily activity of the patient is low (for example, sedentary work), it would need additional exercise to increase the body's energy.Most preferred for obese people, it is considered a sport like swimming.Choosing one or another type of training only after consulting your doctor.


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Restriction in the diet of simple carbohydrates (sweets) is absolutely notIt affects the health of the patient, because they are not of particular importance to the body.If you refuse sweets difficult, you can use sweeteners (xylitol, sorbitol or 30 grams per day).The amount of complex carbohydrates in potatoes, cereal porridges, dough, and you want

to limit.

But foods containing protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese) should be consumed in sufficient quantities, since the protein necessarily need a body.In addition to animal protein in the diet should be present, and vegetable proteins contained in sufficient quantities in legumes.Every day should be included in the diet of 400-500 g of protein rich foods.

Diet for obesity involves eating a sufficient amount of fat as dietary fats contribute to the activation of lipolytic enzymes that oxidize the fats that have accumulated in the body.It is recommended to give preference to dairy and vegetable fats.

Never obesity eat pastry, chocolate, sweets.Unsubscribe from and have sharp, salty snacks and smoked, semi-finished products and alcoholic beverages.

addition to complying with the basic diet is necessary 1-2 times a week to spend fasting days, during the day the food should be distributed evenly.There are many variations of these days.Meat fasting days (280-350 grams of cooked lean meat with vegetables) is best combined with exercise.For such cases, approach and cheese a day (500-600 g fat-free cottage cheese and 2-3 cups of tea or coffee).

If physical activity is low, it is recommended to arrange the apple (1.5 kg of apples), watermelon (up to 2 kg of watermelon pulp) or kefir (up to 1.5 liters of yogurt) fasting days.

Combining immediately 2 fasting days is recommended to make the first day of meat or cottage cheese, and the second apple or kefir.

the treatment of obesity with the help of diet therapy, combined with physical activity, requires regular monitoring of body weight.The treatment is considered effective if the patient loses weight 3-5 kg ​​per month.

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