Cirrhosis: signs, symptoms and treatment

Intrigue cirrhosis of the liver is its irreversibility.The disease is often the final result of prolonged liver disease of various origins.In the beginning, it does not manifest itself clinically.The appearance of symptoms is usually already signals a serious stage of the disease.But in today's conditions, even cirrhosis should not be perceived as a verdict.With timely treatment measures doctors manage to slow it down for.


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In cirrhosis of the liver normal liver tissue diesbeing replaced by sections of the connective tissue (fibrosis) and nodes that violate the original structure of the liver, bile ducts and compress the blood vessels.Because complete loss of hepatic tissue is reduced gradually all its functions (protein synthesis, neutralize toxins, and others.).The disease is one of the six leading causes of death in people aged 35 to 65 years.

By forming cirrhotic liver tissue can cause a variety of il

lnesses and long-term toxicity (poisoning).To the long list of such states are:

Sometimes, even after a comprehensive examination of experienced doctors can not know the exact cause of cirrhosis (up to 15% of patients), while it is called cryptogenic.

While compensated liver function, cirrhosis is hidden within without any clinical manifestations (25% of cases).Existing complaints may be due to disease activity, leading to cirrhosis.In these patients, the diagnosis becomes clear only on the results of today's survey.
progression of patients begin to worry:

In addition, some patients start to get sick more often bacterial infectious diseases (cystitis, bronchitis, etc.).

Decompensated cirrhosis is often accompanied by the occurrence of specific events.Patients diagnosed:

In some cases, these complications are, unfortunately, are the first clinical signs of the existing cirrhosis.

Knowing the symptoms of cirrhosis, it can be suspected already in the normal physical examination of the patient.On his skin are seen typical spider veins, the first thing they occur in places exposed to light.Apart from these you will notice bruising, acne, cracks in the corners of the lips, dry skin, white nails, redness of the palms.Because of concomitant hypovitaminosis language becomes crimson and smooth, the skin may peel off.On the belly visible veins ("Head of Medusa"), on the legs - swelling.As a result of metabolic disorders in men, the type of body hair, increased breast.In alcoholics there is swelling of the salivary glands and specific change hands (Dupuytren's contracture), because of which they have hampered the full extension.
When palpation of the abdomen liver is increased, unchanged or reduced, often reveals a large spleen.
In order to confirm the alleged cirrhosis and thorough clarification of its origin, as a rule, doctors advise a number of surveys.Patients received:

Treatment of cirrhosis is largely determined by its nature and degree of its compensation and the presence of complications.In uncomplicated cirrhosis patients recommend:

With the development of complications, treatment should be aimed at their elimination.Depending on the situation, appointed:

With further progression of cirrhosis effective saving measure will only liver transplantation.

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