How to treat bartholinitis?

According to statistics, today in the world there are more than seven billion people, at least half of them - women.We all, of course, very different, but the problems we have are very similar.Take two different situations.Young girl of reproductive age, bright, fresh, active;constantly monitors its hygiene and cleanliness, including intimate;therefore removes unwanted hair from the pubic area shaving means, and does it with enviable regularity - almost every day.And older women, after menopause, undoubtedly keep all its natural beauty and charm, but have lost the ability to walk independently, and as a consequence, to care for themselves because of suffering a stroke in the past;intimate hygiene compliance with maximum once a month or even less frequently.What kind of problem can merge them?


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Waking up one morning, both of these lovely young ladies feel discomfort in the crotch.Uncomfortable feeling the fingers, re

veal quite a hot dense education in the vagina, which is painful when touched and any possible accompanied by a burning sensation in all the surrounding area.This bartholinitis, so-called inflammation bartalinovyh glands.These glands themselves are quite large, steam rooms and are located in the vestibule, and the excretory duct passes through the inside of the labia minora.The main and only their function - production of viscous protein secretion, moisturizing the vagina during intercourse.In this article we will look at how to treat bartholinitis .

Most often the process is one-sided.Possible causes of bartholinitis include:

For these reasons, the main causative factor - microorganisms (more often it staphylococci, E. coli, gonococci, trichomonas, etc..), Which penetrate the flow of iron from infected secretions of the urethra and / orvagina.There is inflammation of the duct (kanalikulit or false bartholinitis), it is compressed, it becomes swollen, thereby clogging the lumen of the gland and giving the resulting secret to get out.The process is rapidly spreading to the epithelium lining the inside of the gland, and formed an abscess.The cavity it can reach the size of a hen's egg, but the content will always be purulent - a thick, yellow-green, with a characteristic odor.

In the later stages, when the abscess has formed, the young lady will feel fairly strong, pulsating pain in the vagina, mood deteriorates, possible chills, fever up to 39 degrees or more, general weakness and malaise, headache.Movement will be accompanied by discomfort or pain in the perineum, a burning sensation.

course treatment should be administered by a gynecologist after a thorough examination.Depending on the stage and severity of the process, it can be both conservative and surgical.

If the abscess has not yet been formed, and has a place to be false or bartholinitis kanalikulit, the surgery can be avoided.Conservative treatment starts with bed rest.No need after visiting the doctor to go shopping and to add "new viruses" in your, already inflamed gland.It is also worth to give up the sex life.At the very area of ​​the prostate can put an ice pack, a small, carefully wrapped in a cloth (so as not to cause freezing), it will have some analgesic effect and reduce puffiness.In the area of ​​inflammation as it is necessary to apply swabs soaked anti-inflammatory ointments, such Levomekol, ihtiolovaya ointment and others. In the fight against microorganisms, of course no cost and without antibiotics.They have to be pretty broad spectrum, for example Tseftriakson®, Amoksiklav®.And it is better if they are combined with antifungal agents, for example metronidazole.If antibiotics do not forget about the maintenance of intestinal flora, such as taking Lineks®, as well as adding a multivitamin.

If the inflammation is still spread to the gland itself and form a true bartholinitis, the treatment should be operational.The essence of the surgical treatment is draining pus.The walls of the Bartholin gland dissected, opened cavity of it is allocated the entire contents.Thereafter iron is washed and left for several days for complete drainage.Perhaps marsupializatsii the operation, in which the formation of a new terminal duct.

But as any cut fast enough stick together, it is often after such surgery developed recurrences.It takes some time, and re-formed sharp bartholinitis.Many girls pass through multiple such opening.Ultimately gland was removed.By the way, the removal of Bartholin gland very bloody operation (due to abundant blood supply to the upper pole with extensive venous network), which requires long-term (7-10 days) the rehabilitation period, leaving unaesthetic seams at the entrance to the vagina.The solution was to use the special ring-shaped catheters are set for a period of 2 months, on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.It passes through the prostate gland to form not one, but two excretory ducts, which reduces the risk of recurrence and reduces it almost to a minimum.

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