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Kyphosis of the spine: Symptoms and Treatment

spinal column has a physiological curves: cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis and sacral kyphosis.They are required to perform the movements of the spine in different planes and sufficient amplitude, depreciation walking.Spinal twists are formed gradually, as the child begins to hold head, crawl, sit up, walk.Kyphosis - a curvature of the spine bulge ago.Under the influence of various pathological factors, it can be amplified and lead to pathological processes of the spine, and the surrounding tissue and viscera.


  • 1 Causes of kyphosis
  • 2 thoracic kyphosis
  • 3 cervical kyphosis
  • 4 Lumbar kyphosis
  • 5 Diagnostics kyphosis
  • 6 Treatment of kyphosis

most widely received thoracic kyphosis.It can be considered pathological, if the curvature exceeds 31 degrees.Depending on the degree of bending of isolated thoracic kyphosis of 4 degrees:

should be distinguished from the true kyphosis kyphotic posture associated with muscle weakness.With her in the prone posit

ion on a hard surface spin aligned.Pathological thoracic kyphosis is more common in boys between 10 and 16 years, when there is an intensive growth, but may be formed in adults, often in elderly and senile.First, the strengthening of this bending is noticeable only when viewed from a podiatrist, but later becomes visible to others and the child.The back looks hunched, humpbacked.Shoulders are the front, the chest sunken.Enhanced compensatory lumbar lordosis.Gradually formed persistent muscle spasms.The back starts to hurt, the pain can be aching, stabbing, burning, herpes chest, aggravated by deep inspiration.Thoracic kyphosis is dangerous because when progressing it reduces the volume of the chest deformation vertebral degenerative changes discs, herniated vertebral bodies.Disrupted the heart, lungs, liver, stomach.Accordingly, an increased risk of lung infections, cholecystitis, duodenitis.Because of kyphosis in the knee joints to compensate for hyperextension occurs, leading to stress joints and ligaments, degenerative changes in the cartilage.

cervical kyphosis - an abnormal curvature of the cervical spine.He is dangerous violation of cerebral blood flow and stagnation in the vessels of the brain due to violation of the anatomy of the spine in the neck.Also in the cervical kyphosis leads to hypertension, herniated discs, headaches.Often, this pathology occurs in newborns as a result of birth trauma.

Lumbar kyphosis usually affects the upper two lumbar vertebrae.The lumbar area becomes round, the spine loses its flexibility, body tilted forward.The intervertebral discs and joints degenerative changes occur.Dampening properties of the lumbar substantially violated shocks when walking and running are not absorbed.

Overhaul back reveals even the initial kyphosis of the spine.

patient must strip down to swimming trunks.When viewed from the front and the profile can be noted increase in any of the vertebrate bends forward protrusion of shoulders, chest hollowness, incorrect position of the blades.Then you need to ask the examinee to bend forward and touch the floor with his hands straight legs.When moderate to severe thoracic kyphosis is impossible to perform this test.Mandatory inspection in the prone position on the couch.

Additional instrumental studies are needed to determine the extent of kyphosis and identify concomitant pathologies.These include:

Conservative treatment is carried out in children, when the spinal deformity has not yet been fixed, or adults in the absence of indications for surgery.

kyphosis pozvonochnika_lechenie

In marked distortion, severe pain, neurological manifestations, disorders of internal organs, as well as a cosmetic purpose (for thoracic kyphosis), and only after the growth of spinal surgery possible.Surgery is carried out in two stages: first, the surgeon removes the defect, and then carries out the correction of the spine using metal.Transpedicular structure consists of rods and screws.The surgeon always relates the risk of operative complications and benefits of intervention.

for the prevention of kyphosis of the spine, as well as its other diseases, it is necessary to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, exercise, spend more time in the fresh air, eat right while maintaining a normal body weight, prolonged sitting and ruled in the slope of the job.

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