Light concussion: symptoms, first aid

Concussion - head injury, which according to statistics is one of the most common in neurology.This condition occurs immediately after the injury, associated with vascular disorders and is the most mild traumatic brain injury.Concussion person can get at home, in sports, in a traffic accident, injury is particularly high in the winter season, when the falls because of ice people risk a strike.

In most cases, domestic injuries have been suffered concussion mild, the main symptoms are severe headache, dizziness, nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting.There may be photophobia, double vision in the eyes of subjects, coordination disorders, rarely there may be momentary memory loss or confusion (for example, the victim could not remember the events that took place immediately prior to your injury).This is not an episode of loss of consciousness (even for a few seconds).

When mild concussion acute symptoms described above, there remains no more than 15 minutes, then the symptoms subside.For some time

after the injury may be weakness, dizziness, headache, fatigue, emotional lability.

If the injury received while playing sports, you should immediately stop the exercise or participate in competitions.

the victim must provide complete rest, it is advisable to put it on the bed, raise the head, remove the sources of noise and bright light.To a place kick or forehead can make a cold compress.If the victim thirsty, it is better to offer him a sweet tea.It is desirable for a while after the injury did not give the patient to fall asleep, to track changes its state.Care should be breathing, pulse and blood pressure of the patient.

Even if the victim alleges that feels good, you need to call a doctor.Brain damage may be more serious than it seems at first glance, therefore, a medical examination is required.If while waiting for the doctor the patient's condition worsens, there are scenes (even if short) the loss of consciousness, abnormal heart rhythm and breathing, you should immediately call the ambulance brigade.

why medical care is so important in the brain concussion, says the program "Live healthy!»: