Nebulizer: to use when you cough?

inhalation cough are the most effective treatment, but many of us for different reasons too lazy to carry them out.Someone does not want to attend the physiotherapy room in the clinic, and who does not want to bother with carrying out these procedures at home, believing that medication will be enough inside.And it is in vain!Inhalation coughing and local effects on respiratory medicine recognized by modern medicine the most effective and safe treatment.

With the advent of commercially available nebulizers, this situation could change.By purchasing this device for home use, you can easily perform inhalation with a maximum benefit with minimum effort and time.In this article we will introduce you to the subtleties of these procedures and explain their advantages.


  • 1 advantages of using a nebulizer when coughing
  • 2 Things to consider when choosing a nebulizer for inhalation while coughing?
  • 3 How to prepare for the implementation of oral inhalation?
  • 4 inhalation cough nebulizer
  • 5 Preparations for oral inhalation nebulizer

to treat cough using the nebulizer should be carried out, oral inhalation.They can be performed at any stage of the disease, and the composition of the drug solution is determined by the symptoms that bother the patient.

Oral inhalation nebulizer for coughs much more effective internal use of drugs for several reasons:

In some cases, inhalation using a nebulizer become irreplaceable, t. To. In certain diseases carrying other inhaled or contraindicated or ineffective.Traditional inhalation can not be performed with decreasing lung capacity, inability to delay breathing for more than 4 seconds, a gentle stream of air during inhalation.Also nebulizer becomes an indispensable tool for patients with diseases that are accompanied by the alveoli of the lungs.In such cases, only the inhalation of such a method is able to deliver the drug in the most remote areas of the respiratory system.

choosing a nebulizer for oral inhalation by coughing, can not forget about some points:

number of oral inhalation nebulizer for coughs and duration of treatment is determined by the physician individually for each patient.

After the procedure, all components of the household appliance wash non-aggressive detergent, thoroughly rinsed and dried in air.To disinfect nebulizers used in hospitals, may apply different disinfectants, boiling or autoclaving.

inhalation nebulizer when coughing can be used various drugs.They are prescribed depending on the characteristics of cough.

Preparations for the enlargement of the bronchi (bronchodilators):


Antibacterial and protivomikrobnyepreparaty:

Preparations for thinning and removing mucus (mucolytics, expectorants, Sekretolitiki):

Hormonal anti-inflammatoryand antiallergic agents:


vasoconstrictor drugs:

for oral inhalation should not be used drugs such as diphenhydramine, Eufillin and papaverine.

Cooked inhalation nebulizer solutions should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than a day.

majority of pulmonologists and physicians recommend that patients, who often suffer diseases accompanied by cough, acquire nebulizers and conduct oral inhalation.Our instructions in their favor and you can be sure.Shortness of breath, weakness, pain in the chest and throat due to the hysterical cough, expectoration of sputum long absence, bronchospasm attacks - a nebulizer in the shortest possible time to help get rid of these severe symptoms.This device is sure to become your indispensable helpers for treatment at home!

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