Thrush: answers to your questions

In this article, our consultant, gynecologist, answers frequently asked questions on the thrush (candidiasis).Recommendations for the treatment of thrush, you can read in the article How to treat thrush at home.


  • 1 Can you get thrush sexual partner?
  • 2 Can I have sex with thrush?
  • 3 Can I get pregnant for thrush?
  • 4 possible to treat thrush folk remedies?For example, squirt soda, honey?
  • 5 Which products should be excluded?Can the yogurt?
  • 6 What threatens thrush?
  • 7 Restoring microflora after thrush

This issue follows smoothly and is as follows: is it possible to become infected with the most thrush from men?Clear answer to this question is impossible.Despite the fact that our spaceships vengeance travel through outer space, scientists around the world are still unable to reach a clear and firm answers to these questions.On the one hand, thrush or vaginal candidiasis, is not a disease, sexually transmitted (venereal).And if the immune system of women is not weakened if

biocenose her vagina in absolute balance, if it does not accept any destabilizing the situation preparations (whether antibiotics, cytostatics, steroids and others.), Does not suffer from diseases, upset this delicate balance, such as diabetes,TB et al., and finally does not use oral contraceptives, while a high degree of confidence we can say that no woman is not infected by a sexual partner, whether it is contagious at least three times.On the other hand, unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman suffering from thrush, and causes disease in men.Perhaps it is the same, that the overwhelming majority of these men are taking place above risk factors (low immunity and so on. D.), And can, fungi still able to penetrate the other organism, causing the disease.In any case, the condom is a reliable protection of you and your sexual partner from transferring unwanted organisms.

Besides the fact that there is a significant risk of contracting sexual partner, if you do not use condoms, there are other important reasons to abstain from sex until they are cured:

Yes, definitely, it is possible.Another question, if the planned pregnancy, is it worth to do it against the backdrop of a thrush?For thrush, first, can worsen during pregnancy and go in continually recurring form, and secondly, the high risk of intrauterine infection of the fetus.

course, being a gynecologist, to adhere to strict standards of care, I will not, traditional remedies should not be used in any treatment of thrush, or in the treatment of any other disease.Popular wisdom may be, and good, but does not include a plurality of features of the female body, it is for certain known to science.In particular, soda and honey - in any case!All this violates not only the acidity of the vagina, but if misused you add a bunch of complications such as chronic infections and dysbiosis.On the other hand, herbal medicine as a science, too, has a right to exist only in a sharply limited the classical medicine.In particular, for douching with thrush is well suited broth chamomile, carefully filtered and chilled.It has soothing, anti-inflammatory action.Apply it at bedtime, irrigating the vaginal mucosa.The course of not more than 5 treatments.After these douches at night into the vagina introduced the main antibacterial drugs in the form of suppositories, tablets and so on. D.

All foods containing large amounts of sugar melon, grapes, raisins, cakes, pies, candies, soft drinks, including carbonatedand so on. d. Sugar creates a breeding ground for the fungus Candida, and they begin to breed vengeance.It is also better to exclude alcohol, t. To. With treatment rather strong antifungal drugs is not worth the extra time to overload your liver.She did not deserve it.

Kefir drink could and should be.It normalizes biocenose your gut, like all dairy products.To this end, particularly against a background of anti-fungal treatment drugs can drink course Linex or Bifidumbacterin.

timely untreated thrush face becomes chronic.And just what is wrong in your body, it is not the most appropriate moment will pop up its nasty symptoms.This is perhaps the most harmless of its complication.Other, already more serious: fungi of the genus Candida is very "friendly", they do not feed bread - Give to draw to itself other disgusting microbes, whether trichomonas, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, gonorrhea, and so on. D. And they have, in turn, will create andchronic vulva and endometrium, and salpingo.And there is not far to adhesive disease, disorders of tubal patency, and how the final - infertility.

To restore the vaginal flora after use of antifungal drugs, a course eubiotics.Lactobacterin, the most successful drugs of this group, which is available in ready-vaginal suppositories.Enter them 1-2 times a day for 5-7 days.Another popular drug in this group - Bifidumbacterin not inferior to him in efficacy, but have an uncomfortable form of release - in bags of powder from which to prepare their own solution and drench swab.It should be the last drug is significantly cheaper, so the choice is pretty ladies.

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