What is endometriosis and how to treat it?

For ordinary women attending gynecologist once a year, and then the promise terms endometritis and endometriosis have absolutely no differences.Of course, they are in tune, but in fact, it is quite the opposite of disease, each of which brought no little bitter tears of frustration and beautiful ladies.In a nutshell, endometriosis - a proliferation of the endometrium.In this article we will talk about what is endometriosis and how to treat it.


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Endometriosis is the problem of women of reproductive age, although there are exceptions.There is a misconception that the process belongs to the tumor process, or at least, precancerous.In fact, it is a profound mistake!Endometriosis cell atypia has not so characteristic of tumors, but is capable of growth, ingro

wth into the surrounding tissue, as well as to metastasize through the blood and / or lymph.

mucous uterus - the endometrium, is lined with endometrial cells containing highly specific receptors for sex hormones and special spiral gland (crypts).Such cells anywhere other than the endometrium, a woman's body is not found.But this is normal.The disease is the opposite.These endometrial cells migrate to different organs and tissues of the body, without ceasing to function and there.But their main function - to menstruate!It turns out this is such a mishap.

Depending on where the endometrial cells appeared, release:

According to statistics genital endometriosis dominates more than 90%.

So how do endometrial cells get to where they do not belong?On this, there are many diverse theories, a couple of which is still the most likely:

where there are no specific signs and symptoms, but some symptoms must alert the young lady:

None of these symptoms, or the presence of them all together,It does not give the right to assert the presence of the diagnosis of endometriosis.It is only those beacons that should serve as a pretext for an immediate march to the gynecologist!

Depending on the shape, type, degree of endometriosis, a set of diagnostic measures are widely varied, ranging from pelvic ultrasound and ending with diagnostic laparoscopy.

Perhaps the first question asked by women when scoring the diagnosis of endometriosis, it is - and whether surgery?Of course, it depends primarily on the localization process, and the second - to its degree.For example:

In endometriosis vaginal necessary surgical excision sites of endometriosis, adenomyosis at 1 degree, you can do ablation (resection) of the damaged endometrium.When combined with adenomyosis uterine cancer, in this situation, you must remove the uterus;the same operation will have to transfer women with adenomyosis hormone therapy did not result in proper relief of symptoms.

more benign methods are used in endometriosis of the cervix, the outer part of it - is possible cryosurgery, electrocoagulation, application with a solution Solkovagina.With the defeat of the inner part of it - is used radiokoagulyatsiyu, laser vaporization, or cone biopsy of the cervix (excision of its sites).This, of course, invasive, but still organ.

As extragenital endometriosis, the decision to treat the patient should be taken in conjunction with the surgeon, urologist, ophthalmologist, etc.depending on the location.Most often, the decision on surgical excision of endometriotic lesions.

after any surgical intervention for the prevention of recurrence of hormone therapy is appointed for a term of up to 6 months.

If the woman is not operative treatment, then be conservative hormonal therapy.Currently, for the treatment of endometriosis there is a huge amount of hormones, are the most promising ones:

Other groups of drugs, "assistants" in dealing with painful symptoms of the disease:

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