The first signs of breast cancer

Breast cancer-typical female oncological disease.Unfortunately, the number of deaths from cancer is increasing every year, it's a deadly disease is usually detected in the late stages.Cause of the disease: a combination of environmental and genetic factors.The risk of breast cancer is higher in women who have close blood relatives suffering from such a disease.Old age is also one of the risk factors.Women over 50 are more susceptible to developing breast cancer.At risk are also those women who gave birth to first child after age 30 and those who have never given birth.

first signs of breast cancer relatively visible and are obvious.First of all, a woman should alert any tumors in the breast.An urgent need to consult a doctor if there is swelling or irritation of the breast, nipple pain, peeling skin.These changes can also be signs of infection or a cyst.In any case, physician intervention is essential.If early signs of breast cancer are confirmed, you must go through several diagnostic tests to co

nfirm the diagnosis and determine the stage of disease.

One of the required tests, a biopsy (taking a tissue or fluid from a suspicious area).

Mammography is a detailed clinical examination.Mammography helps to see the tumor, which may be partially hidden by dense breast tissue.

for primary diagnostic ultrasound prescribed.It is painless and affordable type of diagnosis.Ultrasound can determine what type of suspicious lesions, to determine the stage of cancer.

staging is an important key to the selection of the optimal method of treatment.

There are four stages of breast cancer:

stage 0, I, II considered earlier.If breast cancer is detected early, the survival rate increases by 70%.Later stages require more aggressive treatment, hence, the survival rate drops significantly.

treatment of breast cancer may include:

leader of hormonal therapy is the drug tamoxifen.This drug blocks the effects of estrogen, which helps cancer cells grow.Less popular AROMASIN is a hormonal drug, because of its side-funds.

should also identify biological therapy as a new type of cancer treatment.When oncologist biological therapy uses special anticancer drugs that target certain changes in the immune system.One of the certified products is Herceptin.The preparation may be used for treatment of early stages of cancer.

The first, second, or third stage breast cancer, the main goal of treatment is to remove the tumor and prevent recurrence of the disease.At the fourth stage of the cancer, the goal of treatment is to improve the general condition of the patient.In most cases, the fourth stage of breast cancer can not be cured.

So, to avoid the late stages of the disease, it is necessary to regularly visit mammalogy, and make their own breast examination.Breast cancer is one of the few cancers that is sufficiently easy to detect in the early stages in the home.It is necessary to respond quickly to any changes in the breast tissue, treatment of a doctor.

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