Proctitis: symptoms, treatment

proctitis called inflammation of the rectum of different origins, the severity of which varies from a little redness to deep ulcers.Depending on the reasons why he had been summoned, the treatment of this disease can be engaged coloproctology, infectious disease specialists, surgeons, allergists and gastroenterologists, but similar symptoms of proctitis.


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Proctitis is localized in a rather sensitive area of ​​the human body, so many are trying to postpone a visit to the doctor or the profile panic fear survey the area.However, as soon as possible to get rid of unpleasant disease need to thoroughly know its cause.Treatment at random or on the advice of lay people fraught with chronic process, its aggravation and the appearance of complications requiring surgical procedures already.

and the reason for the development of proctitis foun

d much.By the inflammatory changes of the rectum can cause:

proctitis different backgrounds can have an identical clinical picture, but require completely different therapeutic interventions.

proctitis symptoms may be caused by lesions of the rectum (local) or be associated with the systemic response to inflammation of the whole body (systemic).

Local symptoms include:

systemic manifestations proctitis, shows the seriousness of the process can be:

last three symptoms are observed in allergic, immune and infectious lesions.Sometimes they even precede the local manifestations.

Whatever the origin of proctitis patients in need of the full survey.Its volume is able to correctly identify a specialist.The most common list of diagnostic procedures including:

Instrumental examinations are not very pleasant for the patient, but it is portable.If the doctor insists on the need fibrocolonoscopy, you should not immediately reject this sometimes painful procedure.In the majority of hospitals and outpatient clinics today it can be done by exposing the patient to a state of short-term sleep medication.

only after ascertaining the exact causes of proctitis doctor may do the treatment.Its composition and character are very different, ie. A. Determined by the nature of proctitis, its severity, the presence of systemic symptoms, the development of complications (restrictions, fistula, intestinal obstruction, mucosa and precancerous transformation al.).Some patients prescribed a short course (usually in acute proctitis), while others require lifelong treatment and medical supervision.

complex proctitis treatment may include:

In treating proctitis (inflammation unlike other parts of the intestine) is extremely important role of local therapy.The anatomical location and length of the small colon allow wide use of various therapeutic enema (with medicines, herbs, oils, fish oil, mineral water, etc.), Suppositories, foams, which are entered directly into the anus.In some situations, you can even limit exclusively local therapy.

wide arsenal of pharmacotherapy in proctitis may include:

Of course, all of these drugs are not assigned to a group one patient.They are selected purely individual, sometimes need to change medications.

When proctitis physiotherapy should be prescribed very carefully and thoughtfully.Otherwise, they will cause even greater activation of the pathological process or bleeding.

order to reduce the inflammation of the therapists may recommend sessions electrophoresis with calcium chloride or novocaine, sinusoidal modulated currents, UHF, irrigation colon mineral water (subaqueous baths), mud electropuncture and others. Some of these procedures are permitted in the acute phase, but most used isacute phase.

mikroklizm for therapeutic or sitz baths are used infusion or decoction of the plant has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent.They are prepared from St. John's wort, sage, flax seed, chamomile, celandine, cinquefoil, calendula, elder flowers, burnet root, oak bark, knotweed, succession.

famous healing effect of sea buckthorn oil, rosehip, aloe juice and kalanchoe.

Surgery usually produce complications.Surgeons resected (removed) zone pronounced constriction of the rectum, and fistulas.

Sometimes after excision of fistulas require plastic surgery (fistuloplastika).Very rarely (in exceptional cases) with totally ineffective non-surgical treatment doctors are forced to consider the question of the removal of part or all of the colon.

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