Obstructive jaundice: Causes and Treatment

Visible yellowing of the skin is always an alarm.If the patient or the surrounding exhibit this symptom, you can not linger.You must put aside all urgent matters and even go to the doctor immediately.After all, jaundice occurs only in serious diseases.In most of them can only help timely surgical treatment.


  • 1 reasons
  • 2 Clinical manifestations
  • 3 Diagnostics
  • 4 Treatment
    • 4.1 Pharmacotherapy
    • 4.2 Surgery

mechanical version jaundice develops as a result of some obstruction in the bile ducts.It prevents an adequate flow of bile.Because of this bile pigment into the blood, the person yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes.Such experts also called jaundice obstructive and obstructive.

obstructive jaundice can be either benign or malignant origin.Its main causes are:

picture debut jaundice is often defined by its cause.When tumors and scarring it can occur and increase gradually.In the case of stones (especially the gate that cover the lumen of the duct, it is not)

, jaundice may appear, grow, then diminish in intensity or even disappear.

changes color and skin, mucous membranes and affordable inspection.Cal will become bright, gray or discolored.The color of urine resembles a dark beer.Patients tormented itching.

Also, jaundice is usually accompanied by a characteristic of the disease it caused clinical signs (pain, weight loss, increased belly of the accumulated liquid in it, fever, decreased performance, etc..).

After the usual medical examination of the patient will certainly need to examine to pinpoint the cause of jaundice.To do this he carried:

Of course, all these methods are not assigned to a single patient.The volume of the survey depends on the clinical situation of the patient and the technical equipment of the clinic.Sometimes, to determine the cause of jaundice doctors lack ultrasound and simple laboratory tests.But in difficult diagnostic cases, you should use all the high-tech methods.

vast majority of patients with obstructive jaundice in need of surgery.Only a little bit sick (with pancreatitis, papillita or some worm infestation) effective conservative therapy.Depending on the disease they prescribe anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antiparasitic drugs polifermenty, pouring detoxification solutions.And be sure the treatment is carried out under strict medical supervision in a hospital.

surgical intervention is often effectively helps to eliminate jaundice, t. To. It is aimed at:

It can be a full-fledged radical surgery with incision or puncture of the abdominal wall or limited endoscopic surgical manipulations.Choosing the most appropriate method is carried out after a precise definition of the nature of bile duct obstruction.

Recently, when obstructive jaundice of benign origin doctors are increasingly using endoscopic techniques.They are less traumatic and more easily tolerated.These include:

Along with minimally invasive techniques are applied and classic surgery, during which removed diverticula, gall bladder with stones (cholecystectomy), scarring of the bile duct strictures.When cancer resection is exposed not only organ - a place of localization of obstacles and adjacent lymph nodes and other organs or parts of them (the gut, etc..).If time is lost, and to facilitate the extension of the state of life of patients held palliative intervention aimed at creating new opportunities for the outflow of bile (formed artificial anastomosis between the biliary tracts and intestines, etc..).

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