Impetigo: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Impetigo - one of dermatological diseases in which the defeat of the surface layers of the skin, can be found in the literature, and another name of this disease - "streptoderma."The disease is is a highly contagious, so often found in groups of children, especially where young children are grouped.If the kindergarten or nursery recorded outbreak of disease, the outbreak must be carried out sanitation activities, and a sick child or employee is isolated until they are cured.


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In most cases, the disease pathogens are staphylococci, streptococci less.Pathogen penetrates through tiny skin injuries (bruises, abrasions, sores, cracks) and even through the mouth of the hair follicles.When infecting a similar way to talk about the primary form of the disease.If streptoderma developed against the background of other skin diseases in which a violation of the integrity of the skin (most ofte

n it is the disease, accompanied by itching and as a result, scratching of the skin), it is referred to a secondary form of impetigo.

There are a number of factors that increase the risk of developing this disease:

After infection of the skin marked the appearance of painful red bumps, which after some time turn into small painful blisters usually no more than 0.5 cm in diameter, surrounded by a red halo.Bubbles filled with lighter fluid, which becomes cloudy.Fairly quickly, they are opened in their place are formed oozing sores that are covered with yellow crusts, self disappears in 5-7 days.

Young children often observed skin lesions in the corners of the mouth, on the wings of the nose or behind the ears.This clinical picture is most likely to occur in streptococcal infection.In the corner of his mouth comes a bubble, the tire was not tense, after his opening formed red bleeding ulcers, the center of which is visible crack.After a couple hours of this defect is covered by crust.The process is often accompanied by morbidity at the mouth opening and yawning, inflammation often extends to the oral mucosa.

In some cases, impetigo occurs only on the oral mucosa, which bubbles appear, they quickly opened, forming painful erosions covered with a purulent coating.

While infecting both staphylococcal and streptococcal infection (impetigo vulgar) the contents of the blisters often become purulent, after opening formed massive cover.Such damage often occurs on the face, rash at the same time are multiple, the process is spreading rapidly, t. To. The infection is transferred arms.With extensive damage, and if left untreated can grow and become painful regional lymph nodes.

In most cases, local treatment of the disease.The affected areas of skin treated with 2 times a day, alcohol solutions (salicylic or camphor alcohol, tincture of calendula).Erosion formed at the site revealed the bubbles are lubricated with aniline dyes, dries the skin lesions (Fukortsin solution, 1% solution of brilliant green alcohol).Also, 3-4 times per day applied antibacterial ointment (eritromitsinovaya, tetracycline, Levomekol al.), To be used to complete healing of erosions (usually 5-10 days is enough).Do not seal the affected skin patches and bandage.

With the defeat of the oral mucosa is assigned mouthwash with chlorhexidine, Miramistin, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, a decoction of chamomile and sage.

When massive skin lesions and swollen lymph nodes is assigned to general antibiotic therapy.To strengthen the immune system is useful as a vitamin with vitamin-mineral complexes, and natural immunomodulators.

during treatment have to give up washing, t. To. With water and a washcloth may occur the spread of infection.In the family of the sick person is allocated an individual dishes, personal hygiene products (soap, towels, etc..), Bed linen, which, after use should be boiled.From diet should completely eliminate all sweets and sugar, as sweet environment promotes the growth of pathogens.With the defeat of the oral mucosa is necessary that the food did not hurt her, so you have to give up roughage, hot, cold, sharp, salty and pickled foods.

for the treatment of streptococcal If you want to use folk remedies, first check with your doctor.Herbal teas and infusions taken by mouth for immunity, does not hurt, and will benefit the body.But the topical application of such agents can worsen the disease.

Preventive measures are reduced to the elimination of the factors contributing to the emergence of the disease:

about risk factors, and fight against this disease in the "Live healthy!»:

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