Itchy skin: Causes and Treatment

Itching of the skin - this is an important and common symptom, it is observed in many skin, internal diseases and mental disorders.Diagnostic difficulties itching due to the fact that it is often the only symptom, and always evaluated subjectively by the patient.

When complaints of itchy skin, seek medical advice.With limited itching of the skin area, you can consult a dermatologist, and in advanced skin itch - to the therapist.


  • 1 localized itching
  • 2 Generalized itching
  • 3 Treatment

physician should carefully ask the patient to conduct a full external investigation.History can provide extremely valuable information, for example, itching and tingling after a hot bath characteristic of eritremii.
Itching and pain - quite different feeling, but perceive them probably the same nerve endings, and the difference in sensation depends on the intensity of stimulation.The similarity between the itching and pain in that when they are effective analgesics and anesthetics, irritants, ph

ysiotherapy (heat, cold, vibration).

of itching previously explained the release of histamine, but the mechanism of its development is more complicated, because histamine blockers itching often ineffective.
Itching can be localized (in any particular area of ​​the skin), and generalized (whole skin or struck much of its surface).

Localized itching is often a symptom of a skin disease.Skin diseases in which there is itching, may be as follows:

treatment of localized itching should be administered by a dermatologist, depending on its cause.Self-medication is dangerous severe side effects and progression of the disease, and in many cases - and infection of family members.From the patient's need above all personal hygiene.

Generalized itching is often a symptom of a serious disease of the internal organs.The main reasons for this state are shown below.

When skin itch need to find its cause.Itching may be the first sign of serious illness, so leave it unattended can not.Treatment of the underlying disease - the main line of treatment of pruritus.

for relief of symptoms should avoid overheating the skin.Do not take hot baths, walk-in bath, wearing warm clothes, especially from synthetic materials and wool.In hot weather, often need to take a cool shower, use of air conditioning in the room.Alcohol increases the itching, so you need to give up its use.

can take antihistamine tablets, but they are often ineffective.
Alleviate itching mash with phenol and menthol creams and gels with cooling effect.
with psychogenic itch may help antidepressants, tranquilizers, psychotherapy.

about the root cause of itching and skin diseases, which he suggests can be found in the "Live healthy!»: