Warts: causes of and treatments

Warts are benign painless formation on the skin, they often deliver only a moral discomfort to the patient, because the warts localized on the exposed skin, look unaesthetic.They can occur in people of any age, regardless of gender.The reasons for the appearance of warts and modern methods of treatment will be discussed in this article.


  • 1 Causes of warts
  • 2 How to treat warts?
    • 2.1 wart removal chemicals
    • 2.2 cryodestruction
    • 2.3 Electricity and laser coagulation
    • 2.4 Surgical removal of warts
    • 2.5 Treatment of warts by folk remedies

The reason for the formation of warts - human papilloma virus that is transmitted contact-household (by shaking hands, using common household items, walking barefoot in public places, and so on. d.), or sexually.At the very carrier of the virus may not have any external manifestations.The incubation period is able to last up to six months, so to establish when and where the infection occurred, often fails.

There are several factors t

hat predispose to the appearance of warts:

In many cases, after some time after the warts disappear on their own in the reduction of immune status.But many people prefer not to wait until the problem solve itself, and remove warts yourself or consult a doctor.Remove warts at home can be used only if you are sure that this is it.

There are a number of diseases in which skin can appear elements that look like warts, but it is absolutely treated by other methods, and the use of funds for the treatment of warts is unacceptable.

Do not try to remove yourself, but rather consult a doctor if the wart has fuzzy boundaries, uniform color, is rapidly increasing in size, itches, bleeds, sore, injured, as well as the appearance of genital warts.

used to remove warts chemicals - caustic alkali or acid that cause the death of tissue.Apply this method is not recommended, however, many choose exactly him, t. To. There is no need to waste time on visits to the doctor.Means for removing warts can be purchased at the pharmacy, the most popular of these are salicylic acid and "Superchistotelo."It should be noted that nothing in common with celandine - plant juice which is used in folk medicine for the treatment of warts, this drug is not (it is a sodium and potassium hydroxide).

tool should only be applied to the wart, avoiding healthy skin.To protect surrounding healthy tissue from accidental chemical burn, it is recommended to lubricate the skin around the wart baby cream or stick a plaster on it, in which pre-cut holes on the shape and size of the warts.A few days after treatment the wart starts to blacken, then disappears.In its place may remain barely noticeable defect, but sometimes saved quite noticeable scars.

not recommended to use a chemical method for removing warts on the face, neck, décolleté, genitalia, as well as people with sensitive skin, particularly those with a tendency to form keloids, and children.Also, do not remove simultaneously all the warts if they are large, then a single procedure should be removed one or two, if the warts are not large - that no more than four or five.

This method is considered to be the most preferred for the removal of warts, it is virtually painless, so can be used even in children.Another advantage is that after the removal of warts on the skin remains cosmetic defects.

wart removal occurs by freezing in liquid nitrogen for 10-30 seconds (depending on size).First the wart turns white and becomes solid after a few hours in its place formed a bubble.During the week, it gradually dries out (it can not be opened), the crust should fall off on their own after a few weeks, the defect in the skin after a while disappears without a trace.

Usually, removing warts only one freezing, but plantar may take several procedures performed at intervals of 2-3 days.

With a thin metal instrument by which high frequency current is applied, the wart "cut off", this method is practically bloodless, performed under local anesthesia and the risk of infection is minimal.In this way, it is recommended to remove warts, when there is a need to send the material for histological examination.In 1-2 weeks the crust, formed in places cautery, is eliminated.

lazerokoagulyatsii Principle similar to that described above.The wart is removed layer by layer under local anesthesia using a laser, in its place formed a small depression that is self-aligned within a few weeks.

This method is rarely used in cases when warts are larger or have more than one wart, merged into one.Under local anesthesia, the tissue excised, then definitely go for histological examination, and the skin incision is sutured cosmetic seam.After removal of warts on the skin in this way it is always a scar.

Long since people got rid of warts using traditional medicine.

juice celandine since time immemorial been used to remove warts.It is necessary to lubricate the wart juice plants 2 times per day to as long as it does not blacken and disappear (usually suffice 3-4 weeks).But, unfortunately, use the juice of medicinal plants is possible only in the summer, and in the cities to find a bush celandine is not easy.
onion and garlic juice is also used to get rid of that problem.It is recommended several times a day to lubricate the wart with garlic or onion juice, you can just cut a clove of garlic or onion and rub the wart cut or put on her onion mush.You can also grease the warts fresh juice of sour apples, tomatoes, potatoes, rowan or aloe.

You can try to remove warts using artificial ice.To this must be applied to the wart and keep a piece of ice as long as possible (until the skin is suffering), this procedure must be repeated several times.

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