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Sprains Ankle: Symptoms and Treatment

Ankle is designed in such a way that has a large range of movement in different planes, and also carries a heavy load for walking, running, lifting and carrying, sports.Injuries of the joints are common, especially partial damage ligamentous apparatus or stretching.In fact, not able to be stretched ligaments, they are torn.Sprains call their individual breaks the fibers that do not violate stability.But even such an injury requires immediate therapy and subsequent rehabilitation.


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    • 4.1 Errors patients in the treatment of ankle sprain
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This articulation is a unit formed by the ankle and talus.

Sprains Ankle: Symptoms and Treatment

between them, as well as bones and ligaments of the foot are located: between the tibia - tibiofibular, from the inside - a large deltoid ligament, from the outside - Tara and peroneal calcaneal-fibular.They consist of collagen fibers and ellasticheskih, thus stabilize the j

oint and at the same time allow it to perform complex movements.

Sprains Ankle: Symptoms and Treatment Bundles can be damaged when exposing to the outside of the foot (peroneal ligaments group) or inside (tibial or deltoid).Such mechanisms are activated when walking or running on uneven terrain, in sports (football, skiing, track and field), while wearing high heels.The load, which is capable of withstanding a bundle goes beyond the extent possible, and then going on a tear the fibers.Most often it occurs stretching the ligaments of the outer group.

Who is at risk for injury, ligamentous apparatus of the ankle?These are people who are overweight, degenerative joint diseases, metabolism disorders, severe flat feet, clubfoot, having previously injured ankle joint.

sprains clinical picture is poorly developed.The victim can move on their own, rely on the foot, but it is painful, there is limping.Gradually, in the area of ​​the injury increases swelling, small bruises may appear, iehemorrhages in the subcutaneous fat, increased local temperature.Movement in the joint pain.And often the person does not immediately start to disturb the resulting damage, it does not reduce physical activity.On the next day, because of the increase bruising and post-traumatic inflammation, there are complaints.Keep in mind that incomplete rupture of ligaments, and sometimes broken ankle may be mistaken for strength, so it is important to appeal to the traumatologist-orthopedist after any injury ankle.

Sprains usually heal within 10-14 days.

to properly diagnose, the doctor queries the victim about the nature of pain, the mechanism of injury, as well as conducting a number of clinical tests.In some cases, X-rays of the ankle joint is held in two projections to prevent fracture.

completely prevent ankle sprain, like any other injury, you can not.But there are some recommendations to reduce the risk of damage:

Untreated ankle sprain may lead to re-injury, arthritis joint, which is already irreversible.Therefore, it is important to spend time testing and treatment of damage.

offer our readers a video about how to make dressing tensile ankle:

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